the 7 strangest dream

During all the time that we have been with the web, we have come across countless comments and anecdotes about dreams and none of them is wasted, but as a summary we are going to try to tell you in this article, the 7 strangest , most peculiar and crazy.

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  • 1 Dream of a dog that continuously poops on us
  • 2 Dreaming about men and being attracted to them
  • 3 Dream that we bleed without stopping
  • 4 Dreaming of movie scenes that we have never seen
  • 5 Dream that we are naked on the street
  • 6 Dream that we are asleep and cannot wake up
  • 7 Dream that we die


When we say that the dog poops continuously , we do not mean that it poops in the street or anywhere else, but that the dog pooped on the owner in dreams . And we don’t mean that he only dreamed it once, but he told us that he dreamed it almost every day.

The boy was completely desperate, and he asked us to interpret the dream for him, but no matter how hard we try to analyze it, it is really complicated and we only think of associating it with the meaning of dreaming about poop or shit .

In the book, 5005 Dreams , a very clear interpretation of dreams is made. It is a highly recommended read if what you are looking for is to know the meaning of many of your dreams. I advise you to buy it.


We are facing a dream in which the dreamer is a male and heterosexual and with a partner and family for many years, but he told us that he had dreamed on many occasions with known men and that he fell madly in love with them in his dreams.

The curious thing is, as in other comments, that it happens that the dream repeated itself at night and he woke up very excited thinking about them, without (according to what he told us) he liked men in real life.

We can only think of interpreting it clearly as a manifestation of the subconscious which intends to reveal a secret that not even the dreamer knows, such as his homosexuality or his bisexuality. The dreamer must listen to her interior and know how to interpret it in one way or another since that is where his happiness will come from.

The 7 Weirdest Dreams represent a compendium of the weirdest dreams you’ve ever had.


Dreaming that our body loses blood in spurts and we cannot control it, can cause general discomfort in the person who suffers it; and even more so if you have a fear or phobia of blood . Which caused our reader to get up irritated and with a brutal fear of what that could mean.

Like most strange dreams, it repeats itself for several nights, without the dreamer being able to avoid it, and has a meaning related to the human body rather than blood. The interpretation suggests that this person is not comfortable with his physique, he  does not like her body and that causes him to bleed without limit. His mind is conscious and therefore collides with the subconscious.

They are strange dreams but we should not be scared for that, and in the case of this girl, she solved it by joining the gym and doing sports…!!


A reader of ours told us that in a dream he found himself, in a scene in a room in which there was a mirror, he approached it and touched it, causing a slingshot in it that transmuted it into water and then pierced it with his hand. . A day later he is about to see the Matrix movie for the first time , and suddenly a scene appears with exactly the same characters and setting and doing the same thing that he had dreamed of the night before !! This dream is sheer madness.

It is the opposite of dejavu , because we are fully aware of what we have dreamed and what is going to happen in the film without having seen it before , not even in commercials. That is to say that it is not 1 second that makes us doubt, but that we are watching the movie and we know what is going to happen in the scene

This is the first time this has happened to the dreamer, and they are premonitory dreams, in which he dreams of what is going to happen (in this case he anticipates and dreams of what happens in the movie)

  • Meaning of dreaming of lions
  • Meaning of dreaming about snakes


Many times the imagination plays tricks on us, and it is not necessary to go very far in literature to have the most surreal dreams, such as when we dream that we are riding down the street in a ball . In the dream we are aware that we are naked and that it is not normal but we do not dress, we cannot (in dreams many times we want to do something but we do not know very well why we cannot do it).

So we walk just as our parents brought us into the world and people look at us and notice us and we are embarrassed but we still don’t dress; we go to work, school, shopping, weddings, funerals… naked!! We spend the day naked wherever we are


Although it is among the 7 strangest dreams, it is not the typical dream that we could describe as strange, because it is very common and many people have dreamed it ; but it can be said that it is rare because of the fantasy that we live.

We are seeing ourselves in the dream, exactly as we are in real life, for example asleep in the same bed and with the same clothes and everything exactly the same … and we try to wake up from the dream but we cannot, we do not succeed.

It is as if we were at the same time above ourselves sleeping (flying around the room) and at the same time inside our body wanting to get up and wake up but we couldn’t. Our body wants to open its eyes but it is impossible.

It’s terrible!!! don’t be scared!!! but the interpretation that is given is above all spiritual and sees the dream as a momentary attempt, in which the soul wants to leave the body to see through “its own eyes” what is happening in the world.


It is a dream that generates us without flavors; sad because we see ourselves dead and our loved ones mourn us; but also happy because we are alive and we laugh at the thought of what they will do when they find out.

It is part of the 7 strangest dreams because in this dream we are seeing how our corpse weeps , and we are with them alive seeing them but we cannot communicate with them, they do not see us, and we get frustrated because they do not pay any attention to us.

There are people who get very scared to the point that they believe it is a premonitory dream of what is going to happen in the short term (which is not true).

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