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We are very grateful that you have accessed DreamsRack.com and want to know more about our work.

This blog is made up of several psychologists, religions experts and spiritually connected persons with one main objective … that you can learn to identify and judge your dreams in a real way and at no cost.

We are aware that visiting a psychologist, religions experts and spiritually connected persons has a high cost and that is why we want to do our bit and help all those people with financial problems to learn day after day to interpret all existing dreams based on those they have had. overnight. Come on, we offer you our professional interpretations in exchange for your visit on the blog.

It seems fair, don’t you think?

Our adventure began a few years ago when we realized that the content on the internet about dream interpretation was very poor and of poor quality. For this reason, we decided to set up this blog where we can provide the highest possible quality on the most common dreams so that, little by little, we can publish all the existing meanings and be able to become the reference of the sector on the internet.

We like to take care of the details, explain what you really need and not “write to write” so that you can clear up all the doubts you may have in your head.

This is not a common blog (like the many blogs that exist about dreams on the internet), but it is a blog that apart from having professional psychologists, religions experts and spiritually connected persons, in the interpretation of dreams, we have professionals in SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Design and other branches of Digital Marketing so that together we can achieve that our content reaches as many people as possible and achieve our goal.

Below you will find those responsible for each area so that you can see that behind each article there is a team of people making it possible for this to be real and to reach millions of people … because that is another of our objectives and above all, our greatest dream !

In this case we have not wanted to show our photos in a formal, serious way, etc (come on, what everyone does) but we wanted to give it an informal, modern and fun tone where we are comfortable and we hope you will too.

xavi sanchez

Asad Raza– CEO and Religions Expert

Jose Manuel GilZain-Ul-Abedeen – Spiritually connected psychologist, writer and specialist in dream interpretation

paula rodriguezSonia – Psychologist, writer and specialist in dream interpretation

maria del carmen quilesFatima–Writer and specialist in dream interpretationHelena VallsAhmad – Graphic designer (photography and video)

We hope that you are faithful to our blog, that at this moment you can begin to know our meanings (in case you have not read any yet) and that you will visit us again soon … since this blog is more alive than ever and we are going constantly posting content.

Finally indicate that you can contact us through the contact form on the web.

Until the next dreamer!

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