African American Dream Meaning

African American Dream Meaning:

This African American dream meaning, whether it really exists or not, has grown and grown in recent years,” Shamim was quoted as saying . In a way, other concepts have been added to it, and these concepts are now considered characteristic of a country called “America” ​​and a person called “American”, and incidentally, these characteristics are not just a slogan or a document written on the bookshelf. .
The American sociologist, the American filmmaker, the American poet, the American media, etc., reproduce the American dream day and night, and the American people deeply believe in these dreams, or at least these dreams are their beacon in political and social action. . So that if you ask them, what are the characteristics of an American, you will definitely receive a list of these characteristics in response.
Today, in addition to the elements in James Adams’ definition, there are other concepts such as equality of liberty, democracy, pragmatism, inclination to movement, the art of working, being born to win, law and order, justice, patriotism, family, Peace-seeking, etc., has also become the characteristics of an American, and the definition of a third world of America is the same characteristics and, in fact, the American dream or the American dream. However, there are ideological views in the world that consider such a dream as just a dream and consider America today as a different being from what is claimed.
One of the most important manifestations of this American dream is American cinema Who recreate these American values ​​on a daily basis. For example, in “They Were Booted to Death,” the death of Colonel Castro with a sword in one hand and the American flag in the other is the most obvious symbol of patriotism in American cinema. The same is true of the “parade in front of the stage”, the “strong man” and the “red emblem of courage”. American pacifism in “As We Were”, “Star Wars”, “New York, New York”, “Tibetan Valleys on the Lost Horizon” best reflects the concept of justice, especially in the anthem of allegiance to the flag that It is traditionally read in schools.
“In my country, no one is convicted without a document,” says Gary Cooper of The Northwest Riding Police. “Zorro” in his own style tries to establish justice for all. Also, innocent criminals who are always subject to the justice of the American judiciary and are saved, such as “The Bad Man”, Hitchcock, “You Only Live Once”, “I Confess”, “The Whole City Speaks” , “I accuse”, “escape from prison”, “anger in heaven” and … even innocent criminals who are finally convicted in a movie sometimes come in to strengthen and warn about the damage to this justice. They are in a hurry.
The law of order is one of the dreams of being an American. In the 1930 s, the Hollywood Audit asked producers to bring in a text at the beginning of their Western films to remind viewers that the protagonist of such films embarrassed the American people. Even earlier, at the beginning of “Wounded Face,” one could read the phrase, “This film is against gangsters who enforce the law themselves.” The sheriff always presents a positive image of himself with some of his disadvantages.
In the case of the family, the phrase is always repeated in American movies: “Nowhere is one home.” Even more, this sentence is embossed on the walls of many families. Even the details of the house are highlighted to remind the relationships between families. The tendency to movement and pragmatism and opposition to Mobi’s bargaining and intellectualism is seen in most American films.
Independent and fact-finding press is another American characteristic that has happened to appear in both movies and reality many times. Scandals play a big role in the American press, and these images are often seen in cinemas. Many American films emphasize that America is a land of opportunity and opportunity, and the faster it rolls up its sleeves, the more it wins. Hollywood strongly criticizes the lazy and those who waste time. This is clearly seen in many films.
The author means three points and one conclusion from the above, first, what is the American dream and that these dreams are believed by the American people and have been implemented in their lives and creations. Second, these dreams have been valued in American society and supported by both the public and government agencies. Third, American scientific and artistic creations have always been based on these value themes and, of course, strengthened them over time. african american dream meaning

But now, the question is, what is the Iranian dream? What are the components that we introduce in the definition of an Iranian? How is Iran? How many components of being Iranian show themselves in our scientific and artistic creations and reproductions. In particular, to what extent does Iranian cinema and television define an Iran and an Iranian for the audience?

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