Allergy Dream Meaning

Generally, this dream indicates frustration due to minor and everyday problems that have been accumulating. It is also usually an indication of a need to do something new or to denote anxiety about doing something or having to start something from scratch.

On the spiritual level, you may be beginning to understand a new concept, or understand how a new course will behave.

This dream usually also indicates the presence of an allergic reaction to something or someone that indicates that there is incompatibility with your life purpose.

Depending on the context and environment of the dreamer himself, this dream is usually also an indication of the urge to satisfy a sexual need.

Seeing others with allergies and avoiding contact means that although success will be achieved in the end, fears will prevail.

If it is the dreamer himself who suffers from the allergy, it means that he will be used without mercy and will have to defend himself against others.

If a young woman has this dream it portends unhelpful and even harmful company.

To dream that it is the dreamer himself who causes an allergy in someone is a sign of unpleasant tasks.

To dream that you have a skin allergy suggests possible disagreements with close people, who will oppose our decisions , it is usually an omen of bad luck in the effective field.

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