Almond Dream Meaning

Dreaming of almonds is generally a good omen, fortune very possibly is near, however, this fortune can be accompanied by some inconveniences and setbacks.

Seeing almonds in bad condition or imperfect in dreams usually indicates disappointment when trying to get what you want, at least until there is a change in the conditions.

Dreaming that almonds are eaten is sometimes a symbol of dissatisfaction about something, such as a situation or a person. Seeing someone else eating almonds in a dream is generally a sign that the dreamer feels that a current project is going to be successful.

Bitter almonds in a dream can represent an obligation that the dreamer feels overwhelms him, on the other hand, sweet almonds can be a symbol of temptations.

Roasted almonds in dreams usually indicate the need to pay more attention to things.

An almond tree that appears in dreams is generally a good omen, the meaning is increased if in the dream the almond tree is seen and it is in bloom , it usually augurs the happy realization of the projects that are being faced. On the contrary, if the flowers fall it usually heralds disappointment in the near future.

If in the dream we want to touch or take the almonds but something prevents us, it is usually a harbinger of upcoming difficulties and difficulties.

Picking almonds in dreams is an omen of happiness.

Removing the shell from almonds is a sign of benefits.

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