Anchor Dream Meaning

Dreaming of anchors generally indicates that you are financially and particularly emotionally stable.

They usually announce upcoming sea voyages .

For sailors, the anchor is traditionally a symbol of a calm sea during navigation.

Anchors, in general, tend to have connotations of safety, stability, and protection against storms . On the other hand, they can also represent resistance to change or attachment to feelings of security with or without foundation. Sometimes, and depending on the context and other symbols in the dream, it can be an indication that a relationship needs a firmer foundation. Anchors in dreams usually appear at times when we need to find security in our life.

Dreaming of anchors is usually favorable for sailors as long as the waters appear calm. For other people, this dream may herald separations between friends or family , moving, and trips abroad. For the bride and groom , it tends to portend troubles.

Dreaming that an anchor is cast or dropped usually indicates that too many resources are being focused on something that is not progressing and / or that we must stop to analyze and meditate on our current situation, on the other hand, if in the dream we are removing the anchor from the water , usually indicates that we are ready for the beginning of a new phase in our lives.

To dream that you have difficulties when trying to drop an anchor is a sign of possible concentration problems, instability and lack of control. The subconscious may be sending a message that we must calm down and analyze the situation or we will not move forward.

Dreaming of an anchor being dragged is usually an indication that external forces are overwhelming and too strong.

Losing the anchor in the dream is a sign that in conscious life we ​​feel aimless and adrift.

According to Freud, the sea represents our mother and dreaming of an anchor is a clear sign that we are chained to the mother figure .

Formerly it was claimed that for a woman who dreamed of an anchor, this was an omen that one of her children could become a sailor .

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