Anniversary Dream Meaning

Anniversary dreams are traditionally indicators of possible domestic quarrels or quarrels, they could also be a harbinger of illness .

In dreams, any celebration is a time to release or change energies, an anniversary especially, offers the opportunity to look back, reflect and review the lessons learned, whether it is just from the past year or a whole decade.

Dreaming of an anniversary is often a sign of the beginning of a new phase in life.

Sometimes an anniversary that occurs in dreams can be a message from our subconscious warning us about something we need to do but have possibly forgotten, a task that we forgot to complete and that we must do before we can continue.

Frequently the subconscious offers us information of a predictive nature in our dreams, however, it is important to bear in mind that time has a different connotation in the dream without a real meaning, it is possible that when dreaming of a certain date, such as a anniversary, simply be a way to make us reflect on the way we lead our lives.

In dreams, a day can also represent a much longer period than you might think. When a certain date stands out in a dream, our own psyche may try to remind us of something particularly important, or possibly traumatic, in our lives.

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