Application Dream

Application Dream Meaning:There are various and numerous interpretations for dreams where we see any type of application, be it a medicine , applying paint or even if it is the application referring to the discipline.

To dream that we apply anesthesia to another person implies that we have aroused attraction in people who are not to our liking, and this leads us to uncomfortable situations, because we do not know how to act.

In the case of seeing in dreams that anesthesia is applied to us, it indicates that we want to get away from some situations that affect us on a sentimental level, possibly a love break or discussion with someone we love is affecting us more than we can bear.

When in the dream we apply a cure or medicine to someone else, it suggests that we will go through a stage in which we will be good confidants and advisers. We must take advantage of this to generate benefits for those around us.

If they apply ointment to us in the dream, it implies that there are some negative feelings that we must attend to, but always advised by close and more experienced people. This dream often manifests itself in times of insecurity and nostalgia for times past.

Application Dream Meaning: Good news will be received if the dreamer is applied at work and in the daily tasks he performs, since thanks to the effort he has made he will receive honors and will be successful in his companies. Dedication and commitment will be rewarded, receiving recognition from influential people who will be able to make a positive professional contribution to their lives.

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