Apprehension Dream

Apprehension Dream Meaning: Dreaming of being arrested by authorities is a self-reproach because you are not attending to your affairs correctly.

Dreaming of witnessing the apprehension of people with a very respectable appearance hints at the desire to make changes in your life, but does not carry them out because of unfounded fears of failure .

In the event that those affected resist arrest , it indicates that the dreamer must reject their fears and try to carry out their wishes.

The dreams where we are arrested usually indicate that we will go through some complicated situations that will cause embarrassment , so it is pertinent to avoid making wrong decisions and act with caution.

Apprehension Dream Meaning: Dreaming of the apprehension or confiscation of property is a harbinger of compromising situations due to responsibilities and eluded obligations. It is possible that some bad decisions lead us to establish partnerships or undertake businesses that are not entirely legal, and therefore we can see our interests at risk.

If in the dream we are the ones who carry out the confiscation, it is a sign that sometimes we feel guilty for thinking about our well-being before that of our family . This dream is an invitation to evaluate our behavior and avoid showing ourselves selfish.

To dream that contraband merchandise is seized from us is a sign that some businesses that seem promising could cause us legal problems, so it is necessary to avoid them.

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