Apprentice Dream

Apprentice Dream Meaning: An older person who dreams of being an apprentice of some trade, insinuates an inferiority complex, perhaps as a result of the fact that relatives or people around him are not giving him respectful treatment or because he is unhappy in his job or business that he is attending .

If in the dream we see ourselves as apprentices of any art or work, it indicates that we have the best availability to learn and that it is an excellent time to obtain knowledge in different areas of our life.

Dreaming as a novice or apprentice can indicate the next arrival of satisfactions for work and financial reasons in our lives.

Apprentice Dream Meaning: In case of seeing ourselves managing a group of apprentices in the dream indicates that we feel more comfortable solving conflicts with subordinates than with our bosses , in this dream our attitude towards the apprentices should also be taken into account, as this will give us an idea of our conduct at a professional level.

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