Bee Dreams

Meaning of Dreaming with Bees

Dreaming of bees is a good omen, as it indicates close successes at work and in all matters that are being handled. Bee Dreams

Dreaming of killing one or more bees suggests that you will have various setbacks. Bee Dreams

Dreaming of angry bees attacking us portends conflicts with associates, or that work is being abandoned due to the pursuit of pleasures, which can lead to misfortunes and final ruin . Bee Dreams

Dreaming of being stung by bees suggests that you will be harmed by someone you trust and appreciate.

Dreaming of eating honey from bees hints at present and future prosperity. Bee Dreams

Dreaming surrounded by bees flying peacefully indicates being surrounded by well-behaved people.

Dreaming of wasps instead of bees indicates being surrounded by negative people who are plotting a way to harm the dreamer.

Dreaming of bees on a flower is a symbol of a nascent love .

In general, dreaming of bees bodes well, since it represents work and industry.

Bees traditionally represent immortality, rebirth, the natural order . Through a connection with a great mother , the hive in dreams often represents eloquence and frankness.

The dreams in which we see bees that enter our house but do not generate any threat are a good omen, since they announce the possibility of an inheritance or positive news regarding a business . Bee Dreams

Dreaming of bees that deposit their honey somewhere in our house is a sign of prosperity, abundance and misfortune for our rivals. Bee Dreams

Dreaming of a queen bee symbolizes our need to feel or be superior in some way, it is possible that we are feeling the need to be assisted by others to achieve our goals. It also makes us aware of the need for hard work to achieve our goals .

Dreaming that we work with a hive of bees alerts us to the need for proper management of our resources. Bee Dreams

As a symbol in dreams, bees can represent something to be feared as well as something that can be tamed to provide us with very valuable utility, so any interpretation of this dream can be ambivalent. Dreaming that you are stung by a bee is in many cases a warning of the latent possibility of being harmed or injured by something or someone. Being attacked by a swarm of bees indicates that we are creating a situation that can become uncontrollable. The hive usually symbolizes an orderly, organized community with the ability to deal with and absorb chaos.

If in the dream we see ourselves working as beekeepers, it suggests that the decisions and initiatives that are taken, referring to business , must be intelligent to get your projects forward, and obtain the desired results. There won’t be much risk if the right decisions are made. Bee Dreams

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