Biblical Meaning of Jewelry in Dream

Dreams with jewels and especially if they are made of silver , can mean misery, however, if in the dream, the dreamer sells these jewels, it is a sign of an improvement in business .

Buying jewelry, especially silverware, is an indicator of mischief.

Trading silver for any object tends to herald despair.

Finding silver jewelry means ruin .

Dreaming of silver in bars is a symbol of economy.

Dreaming of jewels or jewels is usually a sign that you are enjoying yourself or you want to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable life, although the chances of obtaining it are minimal.

If in the dream the jewelry is in bad condition, broken or dirty, it is a harbinger of bad business.

Dreaming of wearing jewelry or jewelry usually signifies excessive ambition for which you may suffer painful setbacks and frustrations.

Dreaming of other people who wear jewelry usually indicates that you have or want to be friends with distinguished people of higher hierarchy than the dreamer’s own.

Dreaming of women’s dresses full of jewels usually symbolizes the desire to have a fortune quickly and effortlessly, for example, by winning the lottery , or through speculation on stock exchanges.

Dreaming that you receive jewelry is usually an announcement of good news.

If jewelry is given or gifted in the dream, one should be alert to the imminent risk of suffering heavy losses.

For a young woman, dreaming that she receives jewels or jewels is a hint of her longing for an advantageous marriage .

For a young woman who dreams that she loses jewels, this dream warns about hidden enmities or false friends who try to harm her.

If jewels are found on the floor during sleep, it is an omen that success is near.

Dreaming of buying jewelry indicates that for the moment the economic situation is comfortable and a good social position is maintained.

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