Biblical meaning of shopping in dreams

Shopping is something that is daily in our lives, so it is common to dream of going shopping. These dreams can show us going to a store to buy clothes, food, shoes, a car, etc., and in them our needs and desires can be represented.

This type of dream can be related to love, prosperity, work, projects, our desires or our goals. The emotional state in which we are during sleep is also very important, and much of its meaning will depend on it, such as, for example, if we are surprised, amazed, happy, sad, excited, enjoying or satisfied.

Dream about going shopping

If we go shopping at a sports store, it indicates that we have to relax more in mind and spirit, in order to have a young heart. Shopping in a mall is very positive, as it augurs great material wealth. Going shopping and when we pay they give us money back, portends successful businesses or accomplished goals.

If we shop and feel happy about our shopping, it shows that we will free ourselves from the anxiety that we have. When we go shopping and buy the most expensive thing there is, it means that thanks to the support of our loved ones, we will make our business grow steadily and bring good profits. Buying fruits bodes well as it shows that we will easily overcome problems.

Going to a jewelry store to buy jewelry indicates that we will have great economic gains. This dream also predicts that we will find the perfect person, and we will live a great love that will last a lifetime. Buying a painting indicates that we do not have the spirit to be entrepreneurs. That is why our businesses often fail.

go perfume shopping

When we buy perfume for ourselves in the dream, it indicates that we will disappoint a loved one with our bad attitude. Buying a perfume and feeling that it smells so good that it makes us happy, predicts happiness and prosperity for our lives.

Dream about shopping at the supermarket

If we see that we go shopping at the supermarket and pay with money, it shows that we will buy something that will end up increasing our monthly expenses. Making a very large purchase at the supermarket indicates that our business will go very well. Also this dream shows that we will manage to make one of our wishes come true.

Buying just one thing in the supermarket indicates that we spend more than we get, and if we don’t manage our money better, we will soon find ourselves full of debts that will be difficult to pay. Buying butter in the supermarket shows that we will have a pleasant life. If we are buying milk, it indicates that someone close to us is not the person we think they are, they are using us and deceiving us. Buying meat at the supermarket alerts us to health problems.

See we bought a car

When we are buying a car, it means that new doors full of good opportunities will soon open for us. Buying a red car shows success in love and business. Feeling happy when buying a car indicates that we will overcome the problems that we have been dragging for a long time.

if we buy clothes

Going shopping for clothes indicates that we feel out of the loop. If we feel happy buying clothes, it refers to the fact that we are very focused on our projects and getting ahead. Shopping for clothes and everything looks bad on us and we feel frustration or sadness, predicts the arrival of obstacles in our lives. Buying a beautiful dress and feeling happiness indicates that we will have to face commitments that we had overlooked.

Dream of going shopping and not buying anything

When we go shopping and we don’t buy anything because we don’t have money, it predicts loss of money due to unexpected expenses. Going shopping and not buying anything because when we count the money is not enough, it predicts large expenses.

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