Dream meaning of sweeping

What does it mean to dream of sweeping?

To know the correct interpretation, it is important to take into consideration some external factors of the dream, such as: How long are you sweeping? Where are you exercising it? And is the place where you cleaned it impeccable or not? These questions will answer the prognosis. In general, dreaming of sweeping means that you must do a cleaning in all areas of our life.

What does it mean to dream of sweeping the garbage?

This dream is revealing the current event in your life. For example, we all sweep up trash because no one likes to keep it in the home. Because it would be full of germs, in addition, the bad smell would abound in the house. Logically, that would have consequences for our health. So, dreaming of sweeping up the garbage indicates that the dreamer is throwing away everything unpleasant in his life .

What is the message of dreaming of sweeping the street?

It means that you are exposing yourself to danger , perhaps being the victim of a deception or a scam. As in the dream, all the people in the sector are watching you, and they are very attentive to your every move.

Therefore, dreaming of sweeping the street also indicates that you should be discreet in your actions . If you are thinking about a project in your life, do not consult with anyone. Only in this way, you will walk safely and you will not be exposed to anyone and they will not destroy your plans either.

What revelation do you get when dreaming of sweeping the home?

It means that you must leave behind everything that is causing you emotional or spiritual evil . When we sweep the house, we discard everything that is unclean in the home. Also, this dream is advising you that it is time to start something new and leave things behind. As which? Maybe an old love, or a family problem, or rip pride from the heart and forgive those who have offended you, among others.

What does it mean to dream of sweeping someone else’s home?

It has no negative or positive meaning for the dreamer. Rather, it is focused on a third person, perhaps a friend or acquaintance . In which, he will approach the dreamer to ask for a series of advice. In this case, it is up to you to give suggestions to get rid of all the bad or old situations. Because like garbage, we cannot allow it to remain in the home, we must get out of it.

What is the interpretation of dreaming of sweeping with an old broom?

It is a bad prognosis for the person who dreams. Remember that an old broom has a lot of use, is worn out and is easy to break. Its manufacturing materials are expired and therefore it is no longer used. So, this dream indicates that you are very close to going through a difficult period in life. You are in danger of suffering a terrible illness or great financial problems or having a serious accident.

What does it mean to dream of sweeping with a new broom?

In the dream of sweeping a new broom you are indicating that you are profitable times. It means that you are going to make a lot of profit. Therefore, if you are thinking of executing an investment, this is the right time to do it. However, do not get dirty, that is, every project must be carried out without deception or fraud. If so, the dream will have no effect.

What is the meaning of dreaming of sweeping the room?

It is revealing the loving feelings that you carry inside and you are at the perfect time to do so. It means that you should express everything you feel and take the risk. You need to bring out your emotions and conquer him or her.

Probably, that person also corresponds to you, he is just waiting for a sign from you. However, if you do not declare your love, you will lose the opportunity. Another interpretation of dreaming of sweeping the room is that you have some negative attitude. You must remove that personality from you, otherwise everyone will drift away little by little.

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