Carpet Dream Meaning

Dreams in which a carpet appears are usually indicators of tranquility.

Seeing ourselves walking on a carpet or rug is usually an omen of both economic and family tranquility.

The carpet is a symbol of greater importance in eastern cultures than in western ones, it symbolizes the warmth , peace, joy and tranquility of the home.

In general, seeing a carpet in a dream denotes profit , and rich friends to help in need and is, in general, a good omen relative to family and effective relationships.

Seeing ourselves in dreams selling rugs usually indicates that we want to get away from routines to launch ourselves on new and unknown adventures. This dream also tends to herald upcoming trips that in addition to being enjoyable can be lucrative.

Seeing ourselves in dreams buying carpets or rugs heralds great benefits.

To dream that you are walking on a carpet or rug usually portends happiness and prosperity, however, the meaning of this dream can vary depending on the state of the carpet.

For a young woman, dreaming about rugs usually bodes well and indicates that a beautiful and comfortable home awaits her.

Dreaming of a dirty and torn mat or in poor general condition, signals the imminent risk of suffering from an already chronic ailment, but one that will get worse, specifically of the nervous system.

Seeing yourself in a dream mending or cleaning a carpet or rug is usually a warning of the need to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

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