Cell phone dream meaning

Many of the interpretations that dreams of a broken cell phone have can be somewhat difficult to understand, but in most dreams, what it represents is the communication that we have with the people around us.

This type of dream also usually appears when we have the need to communicate more, so in this dream we can feel happy, angry, frustrated, anxious, excited or intrigued.

dream of broken cell phone

Trying to talk on the cell phone and realizing that it is broken indicates that we are emotionally disconnected from something that we consider important in our lives. Desperately searching for the broken cell phone represents the need to find someone to be able to express what we feel. Trying to make a call on a cell phone and not being able to do so because it is broken indicates that we feel alienated or forgotten by the people we love.

Hearing that the broken cell phone is ringing means that there is a person who wants to come closer to share life with us. If we steal a broken cell phone, it indicates that we are people who like gossip. Seeing that the battery of the broken cell phone is low means that we will soon lose a great connection that we have with a person. It can be friendship, love or family.

Putting the broken cell phone to charge shows that we have to get to work on our emotions, in order to create stronger ties with the people we appreciate. Putting a case on a broken cell phone signals that we are trying to cover up problems that are important, and if we don’t address them, these problems will become more difficult to overcome.

See broken mobile in the dream

If our mobile is broken, it reflects that we have many insecurities about the future. When the mobile has a broken screen, it indicates that our connection with the things around us has been broken, we find ourselves lost and not knowing which way to go. A broken red mobile indicates that we will meet a person with whom we will have an affair, and then it will become a great love.

Dream of a broken cell phone that we found

Finding a broken cell phone indicates that it is very difficult for us to express our feelings and that it will bring us problems with people we hold dear. Finding the lost cell phone and seeing that it is broken and we are also glad to find it, indicates that we are open to any change that life brings us.

damaged cell phone in sleep

Trying to repair the damaged cell phone means that there is a friendship that has already been broken and there is no way to repair it. It is better that we focus on the friendships that we have left and value us. Throwing away the damaged cell phone indicates that it is difficult for us to let go of a person we love very much, but the best thing is that we find help to overcome it and move forward with our goals. Trying to make a call to ask for help and not being able to because the cell phone is damaged, portends problems that are yet to come. We will have to find a way to overcome them.

See that the cell phone falls and breaks

When we drop our cell phone and it breaks, it is a sign that it is time to let go and start a new stage in our lives. If we drop the cell phone on purpose and it breaks, it means that we are ignoring the problems we have. In this way they are accumulating more and more.

Dream of a broken cell phone from which we speak

Talking with a broken cell phone means that we are determined to work hard for something that we really want to happen. This dream also means that we have an urgent need to vent our feelings with someone. If someone calls us on the cell phone and we cannot answer because it is broken, it indicates that a person with bad feelings will try to approach us.

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