Clay Vase Dream Meaning

Clay Vase Dream Meaning: Traditionally, dreaming of hands full of clay portends that many obstacles and inconveniences will arise in the professional field, and prudence will be the weapon to face adversity.

Some meanings are related to the Christian belief, in which God created man with clay , so this symbol in dreams can also be related to the creative processes of the dreamer.

Dreaming of manipulating clay or molding with it indicates that we are going through a great moment on a creative level, which can balance us both physically and mentally.

To dream that we are modeling clay figures similar to people can be a harbinger of children in the not too distant future.

Clay Vase Dream Meaning: If you dream of modeling spheres with clay, it suggests that we should soften our temperament a bit. It also indicates that we are too strict and demanding in the workplace, even to the point of not respecting the work of others.


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Dreaming About Police Arresting Me:

Arrests in dreams usually herald unpleasant news, they also represent our fear of being reprimanded for our inappropriate behavior. D

When we witness an arrest, it is a sign that we should seek peace with someone to whom we did something wrong, and it will be good to seek their forgiveness. Dreaming About Police Arresting Me

Dreaming that we are arrested can be a sign that we will receive some reproaches that will cause us shame and humiliation for our bad behavior. This dream can also reveal our nonconformity for not being valued as we think we deserve it by our family members or our partner. D

To dream that we arrest someone innocent indicates that we are letting some feelings of envy and jealousy take over us, which will lead us to make wrong decisions. Dreaming About Police Arresting Me

If we are arrested by our enemies, it suggests that our aspirations are somewhat mediocre, and it is necessary to look within ourselves for a motivation that leads us to have greater ambitions.

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