Crush Dream

Crush Dream Meaning: Generally dreams where we crush something, regardless of what it is, means that we frequently give more explanations regarding our behavior than is relevant. This dream may reflect recklessness and shame .

Usually the dreams where we crush an animal indicate that the obstacles will be overcome and we will be successful in the projects, although there are specific cases where the meaning varies depending on the animal.

Squashing a cockroach in a dream means that we will take the just and necessary measures in the face of an offense , while if it is a beetle it implies that revenge will cause us greater problems than those that already exist.

To dream that we crush a fruit indicates that there will soon be discussions with very close people, and this can put our relationships at risk.

Crush Dream Meaning: If we dream of crushing a person, it will be a harbinger of disputes and legal obstacles. Our thinking will be attacked and we will be forced to defend our point of view, even without sufficient arguments to do so.

If in the dream we crush a finger, it means that we are about to go through a situation that will cause us great pain , however, we will manage to get out of it without major inconveniences.

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