The bridge represents the union between two places separated from each other, therefore dreaming of bridges is a symbol of the union between two worlds, between two people, between good and evil, between two places.

On the other hand, the bridge allows you to pass from one side to the other avoiding obstacles, continue your way avoiding falling into the void. Dreaming of bridges can also be representing the passage from one emotional or mood state to another, a change of life, the conflict that having to cross that bridge as the only alternative to get where you want can mean for you, the bridge being the analogy of the obstacle that you must overcome or face.

It is therefore important to pay close attention to the places that are separated by the bridge in your dream, as this will allow you to analyze where you are starting from and where you are going.

dream of bridges

dream of crossing a bridge

If you dream that you cross a bridge, you should pay close attention to the two ends separated by the bridge.

If you go from a dark, ugly, sinister or cold place to a warm, pleasant, beautiful place, it means that you are going to live a powerful and positive transformation in your life, you are going to leave problems behind to be happier.

If you dream that you cross a bridge very quickly, it means that you need to reach your goal as soon as possible, that you have it clear and you do not doubt for a second about what you want.

If you dream that you cross a bridge but you stop and do not advance or you advance very slowly , it means that fear takes over you, that insecurity becomes strong in you, which prevents you from reaching your destination or delaying that arrival.

If you dream that you cross a bridge but you go back and retrace your steps , it means that you are not ready or ready for the change, that you need some time to think it over and perhaps resolve some issue or situation before crossing it again.

Dream of walking under a bridge

Dreaming of going under a bridge represents those feelings, issues or situations that you have not overcome, that have marked you deeply and continue to directly or indirectly influence your life or a part of it.

If you dream that you are standing or standing under a bridge, it means that you are looking to escape from that situation or feeling but you do not dare to face it.

Dream about suspension bridges

Dreaming of a suspension bridge means that you do not feel safe or secure to move forward, to make decisions, to say what you feel or act in a certain way, you may not have enough support around you, that you are afraid of the consequences Or that you don’t have enough courage to do it.

Dream of wooden bridges

If you dream of a wooden bridge, it means that you must hurry to make the decisions that will lead you to your goal, that you must act quickly, since the opportunity that life is offering you will not last long and if you do not know how to take advantage of it, it could end up disappearing. .

dream of iron bridges

Dreaming of an iron bridge means that your steps are safe, that you should not fear any danger, everything will be fine, but you must be able to cross it, to move forward, to decide for yourself. On the other side of the bridge happiness awaits you.

dream of stone bridges

If you dream of a stone bridge, it means that a favorable opportunity or an unexpected turn will present itself to you that will help you change things or get out of a problem or complex situation.

dream of high bridges

If you dream of a very high bridge it means that you feel around you certain dangers or risks that separate you from your goal, you need to be careful, with a firm but prudent step without improvising or acting impulsively.

Dream of very long bridges

Dreaming of a very long bridge, that is, you see that there is a long distance between the point from which you start and the final point, means that you should take life, your path or the project at hand calmly since you will need a reasonable amount of time. to culminate.

Dream of ruined bridges

Dreaming of a bridge in ruins or in poor condition symbolizes the fragility on which your ideas, desires or projects are based, possibly because you do not trust them or yourself enough when it comes to getting what you want. The poor condition or the ruin of the bridge can also be a representation that you are not prepared to cross it since you have to carefully review all the steps beforehand.

dream of collapsing bridges

If you dream of a bridge that collapses before you cross it, it is a warning of the danger or the risk that you may be running, therefore it is a good time to stop and reflect and not make decisions or take no action.

If you dream that the bridge collapses while you are crossing it, it means that you are very afraid of failure, so much so that you are negative, negative or boycotting your plans today.

Dream of bridges over water

Dreaming of a bridge over water means that you are in a very intense emotional moment, probably because of everything that is at stake or because of the difficult decisions you have to make.

If you dream that the water rises and floods the bridge, it means that you are going to allow certain erroneous or toxic feelings to be paralyzed and prevent you from moving forward for the moment.

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