What does it mean to dream about a baby

Babies are both overt and implicit elements that appear in many of people’s dreams, these types of dreams usually represent innocence, warmth and new beginnings .

In addition, babies (especially girls ) symbolize that element that is found within our inner world that is related to the vulnerable, the pure and uncorrupted.

Have you ever had these kinds of dreams and don’t know what they mean?

Meaning of dreaming with babies

If we dream of having forgotten a baby

If in the dream, the baby that is forgotten is ours, it can represent that we try to hide our own vulnerability and our weaknesses.

dreams of crying babies

If in the dream we can clearly hear the crying of a baby , it is indicative that there is a part of us that requires care and is calling our attention.

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Dreaming with grandfather and its meaning

Another meaning of this dream is the representation of an unrealized goal.

It can also mean that our health must be taken care of or that we are in a losing stage in the face of great disappointment.

Dream of a very small baby

If a baby appears in the dream that is very small, it can be a symbol of the internal fear that people can discover our vulnerability and deficiencies.

It can also mean the fear of asking for help.

If in the dream the baby is well groomed

When an attractive, clean and well-cared for baby appears in the dream, it is synonymous that our love is reciprocated and that we also have the support of good friends who always support us.

If the baby who walks alone down the street

This dream is a meaning of people who are very independent and who tend to ignore the unimportant things that happen around them, they only focus on what is important in life.

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Meaning of dreaming of the Apparition

Dream of breastfeeding a baby

When a woman has this kind of dreams, it means that she will feel disappointed by the person she trusts the most, it is a dream intrinsically related to dreaming about pregnancy .

Dreams when the baby is sick

If in the dream it is our baby who is sick and has a fever, it is a bad omen of suffering and sadness for a few moments that will affect us immensely.

Remember that one of the most common dreams is, although it seems incredible,  to dream of a dead baby .

The image of an abandoned baby

These types of dreams usually represent the desire and the need to have a baby of their own, it is one of the most common daydreams of women.

If we dream of carrying a baby stroller

If you dream that a mother drives a baby cart, it is a good omen that represents positive changes for our lives in prosperity and happiness.

And if a baby is also seen in the stroller , it is a symbol of the birth of something new that will bring good changes.

However, if in the dream you see an abandoned stroller, it is an announcement of a period of sadness and disappointments.

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Dreaming of Lice and Nits

If in your dream the baby is a newborn

This is a dream that represents the vulnerability of people who are perceived as weak and helpless before others.

It is also a sign of fear before others realize how the person really is, the greatest of all human 

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