Dream about a blonde woman

Dreaming of a blonde woman promises emotional experiences. It is usually the representation of what we want to be, or want to change. A blonde woman in the dream reflects an update of thoughts. See that our ideas are becoming reality.

Also seeing a blonde woman in our dream represents the resurgence of old feelings, our mood, glamour, new experiences and dishonesty with which we are behaving, or someone close is doing it.

Dream about a blonde woman

If the blonde woman we see in the dream is ourselves, it shows that maybe we are not happy with the life we ​​have. We are looking forward to having a more glamorous life. Also, if we are the blonde woman, she calls for our attention to change something that bothers us in our lives. Seeing a woman dye her hair blonde, she points out that we should be more spontaneous and do the things that really make us happy.

If we are the woman who dyes her hair blonde, it shows that we are very serious and rigid in our way of acting and thinking. We should take things more relaxed. If we are blondes in real life and we dream of a blonde woman, it predicts that we will have events that will please us very much. Being a blonde woman and feeling good about it means that an idea we’ve been having for a long time will come true.

If the blonde woman is a stranger

If we do not know the blonde woman in the dream, it indicates that an unexpected event will cause us to quickly change our mood. That will get us out of our comfort zone. Talking to an unknown blonde woman in the dream, shows that perhaps we have fallen into sinful temptations.

Seeing a blonde acquaintance in the dream

Seeing that someone we know has dyed their hair blonde alerts us that someone is being dishonest with us. We have to be careful who we trust. If the blonde woman in the dream is our friend, it predicts many joys to come into our lives.

Dreaming of a blonde woman with long hair

If what catches our attention in the dream is the woman’s very long blonde hair, it indicates that we should focus on more positive things in order to relax more. Also this dream shows that we are not being honest with ourselves. We are always trying to appear what we are not.

See that the woman is disheveled

When we see a disheveled blonde in the dream, it shows that lately we are trying to improve our appearance to feel better. This dream also indicates that we will discover that someone has lied to us for a long time. We will end up feeling very sad and upset.

What if all women are blonde?

When all the women in the dream are blonde except us, it indicates that we are feeling that everyone ignores us and does not include us in their plans. Another interpretation for this dream is that we are feeling watched and judged by everyone, all the time.

Omen of dreaming of a blonde woman who looks good

If the blonde in our dream looks very pretty, it predicts that we will feel very good about the new experiences that are about to come into our lives. Everything will be new and very positive.

If we see her cut her hair

When we see a blonde woman cutting her hair, it foretells that we should be careful about our health. Also this dream shows that we have to control our emotions, because they can ruin our reputation.

Dream about drunk blonde woman

If the blonde we see in the dream is drunk, it shows us that we are wasting our energy on worthless things. It’s time to think about where we want to go in life and get to work on that, to achieve our goals.

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