Dream about a cobra

Dreaming of a cobra represents evil, which we can only defeat if we use all our knowledge and skills, and above all, if we have resistance.

Cobras in dreams symbolize cheating, betrayal, gossip, fights, bad news, work, friends and family. If we catch a cobra snake and it does not harm us, it shows that we will have to work hard to achieve our goals.

dream of a cobra

When we see that the cobra is poisonous in the dream, it indicates that we will make peace with someone in the family, with whom we were fighting. After that, we will work together and earn a lot of money. Seeing a small cobra represents a person that we have treated very well, but she will begin to invent gossip about us. If we see that the cobra moves away from us, it indicates that a good streak is coming in all aspects of our lives. Seeing one inside our house shows that without looking for it we have made an enemy.

Dream in which a cobra bites you

It means that someone we hold dear will betray us. A cobra that tries to bite you indicates that we will receive bad news. This dream also shows that we will hurt someone. If the cobra tries to bite another person, it tells us that we trust someone a lot, but that person is just waiting for the moment to betray us. Seeing a cobra bite, predicts negative influences in our life. If the cobra bites our hand, it predicts illness or a very big disappointment.

See many cobras in the dream

If we see that they are calm, it predicts an increase in wealth. Our businesses will be very successful after spending so much time on it.

Meaning of dreaming of a black cobra

It indicates that someone will betray us. That betrayal will hurt us a lot because we did not expect that person to be capable of doing something so bad to us. Seeing a cobra that screams or hisses means that fate will play a trick on us.

white cobra in dream

Seeing a white cobra shows that we will discover a secret, which will cause many problems within the family.

If we see a red cobra

This indicates that we have a very dangerous enemy and he has no limits when it comes to hurting us. He will be able to do unthinkable things in order to see us defeated.

Dream of a green cobra

This type of dream predicts that we will receive a large amount of money unexpectedly.

See a yellow cobra

It indicates that we are going through a streak of bad luck that will last for a long time. We will have to be patient so as not to despair.

What does a gold-colored cobra mean?

He points out that a secret will come to light that will endanger our reputation. Also this type of dream indicates that something will bring many problems to our family. It will be difficult later to be able to recover the trust of the people we love.

Explanation of dreaming of a brown cobra

It represents that we are in a job where we give our best, and that will bring good remuneration. In the end we will be rewarded as it deserves.

Cobra that dances with the flute

This alerts us to someone who will hurt us, and the cause will be the envy he feels for us. We must be aware of all the people around us.

See in the dream cobra swimming

This dream calls us to attention so that we begin to change the way of life that we are leading. If we don’t make a big change, we won’t be able to reach our goals.

If in the dream we kill a cobra

It is very positive to see that we kill this snake, as it indicates that we will be able to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Finally, after so much effort and sacrifice, things will come to us.

Dream of a huge cobra

It predicts that we will find out a secret that will leave us totally surprised. Sometimes things are not what they seem.

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