What does it mean to dream about a dead friend?

What does it mean to dream of a dead friend?

If in case you saw a dead friend who is alive in the dream, this shows something about you. You must keep in mind that it does not have much to do with what that person means to you, if he was a good friend or not. Since the fact of seeing a dead person who was your friend shows something important about your current feeling. Be careful that if you feel that you miss that person, the interpretation of this article would not be relevant, it would only be the desire to see him again.

Specifically it is that you feel that you are incomprehensible and possibly have had to deal with it for a long time. You are one of those who does not fit in completely and you always have a different idea than the others.

But dreaming of a dead friend wants to make you realize something. And it is that you have always sought to be understood but you have not achieved it, and that situation certainly frustrates you. That is to say, you care a lot that they understand you, but in the end people don’t because it’s none of their business.

In reality, no one is fully understood but you cling that they should be able to, and this is because you need the approval or understanding of others.

So you are still showing a certain immaturity and your subconscious asks you to realize your attitude. Since the people who dreamed of a deceased friend are also people who do not accept their mistakes, being a sign of immaturity.

It’s time to get used to doing things alone and set goals to meet them. That way to make yourself happy, and not others.

Dream of a dead friend who speaks to me

The deceased friend who speaks to you shows that you have something that you have wanted to do for a while, but you have not tried it by making excuses that only postpones the fulfillment of your objective.

Most likely, you are terrified of what others say about you and make fun of you, since you are one of those who cares a lot about that.

But you can’t go on living with it if you know what will make you happy. You need to go for everything and do it right away because soon you won’t be able to make it happen.

Dreaming of a dead friend smiling

This has a positive interpretation, but you have to be careful about something.

Piñero you should know that you are happy with the life you have and you are positive. Although you still need to mature in some aspects, you are one of those who always sees things in the best way.

But you must also be careful because you are a person who does not like to leave your most comfortable zone that you are currently. You are what you get used to even with difficulties and live with it, regardless of the damage you do to close people.

Remember that you have the ability to achieve great things, but that will not be possible if you stay without doing anything.

Dream of a dead friend who hugs me

Some may think that it is something positive, but in reality it is an alert from your subconscious.

This wants to warn you that you will soon have to face difficulties. The important thing is that you shouldn’t bring innocent people into this. You can solve it perfectly alone.

dream of a dead friend

A dead friend who is alive in your dream shows you that above all you must give up the desire to be understood. Although it agrees with the general interpretation of this article, it highlights this part.

You care too much what they will say and you have acted according to what others expect of you.

Unfortunately this will make you an unhappy person because you will regret the things you did not do when it is too late.

Dreaming of a dead friend talking to you

This is an alert for you to solve your problems immediately because in reality you have the solution very close, but you are the one who does not want to see it.

In addition, it is very likely that by solving that you will find an opportunity that changes your life.

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