Dream about a water hose

When dreaming of a water hose, we usually wake up a little confused, since the meaning of this dream leaves us with many questions. Here we leave you the most common interpretations of this type of dream.

Generally when we see water hoses in the dream, they represent renewal and maintenance of our life, new beginnings and new opportunities that are approaching. But everything will depend on our emotions during sleep. A water hose symbolizes joy, wonder, curiosity, opportunities, happiness, and surprises.

dream with hose

Seeing or having a hose in the dream shows that we will start with a purification of our life. If the hose is ours, it augurs fertility, increase in family or business. If we see how water comes out of the hose, it predicts the success of our personal life and business. Seeing that a person is using the garden hose indicates that we are not rational when making decisions, we get carried away by our emotions and do not always choose the best option.

If the hose that we see in the dream is coiled up, it shows that we should not make trouble for insignificant things. But if we unroll the hose, then it portends that many surprises and joy await us, which we will greatly enjoy.

See water jet from hose in the dream

If we are washing something with a jet of water from the hose, it indicates that there are feelings that are blocking us from doing what we really want. We must begin to work in some way so that our feelings are unblocked and the good energies begin to flow.

If you get wet with a hose

When someone wets us with a hose, it is a very good omen, since it indicates that we will have new opportunities and new beginnings, which will be very positive.

hose down while sleeping

Being happy watering the plants with a hose indicates that we are using all our energies to achieve our dreams. Also the fact of watering with a hose in the dream symbolizes the desire we have to have a pet. Watering with a hose also means that we will meet new friends. Seeing a woman watering with a hose means that we will be in a very dishonest relationship.

Watering the green lawn with the hose shows that we are capable of dealing with any problem that comes our way. If we hose down some flower pots, it shows that we have our emotions under control, and with that we will be able to achieve our goals and our happiness.

Dream About Black Water Hose

Watering with a black hose alerts us to bad friends who are waiting for an oversight to betray us. If the black hose is ours, it predicts the illness of a relative.

Fire hose

If the firefighters use their hose to put out the fire in our house or yard, it shows that we will take a trip that gives us a little fear. In the end we will enjoy the trip and everything will be pleasant.

Connect a hose in the dream

This dream alerts us to disappointments that we will soon experience. It may be from people who were not what we imagined or from projects that will not turn out the way we planned. Trying to connect the hose and not succeeding means that we are pretending to be someone we are not really. This will make people stop trusting us.

Dream About Broken Water Hose

This dream is an alert for us to take care of our home and our family. It’s time to focus our energy on things that really matter. This dream also means that we will trust someone who will betray us and we will not find justice, everything will go unpunished. Seeing that the broken hose is leaking water, shows that disappointment and tears await us, we will have to be strong to overcome this bad experience.

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