Dream about a wooden bridge

It is a very common dream to dream of a wooden bridge, so here we show you the interpretation of this dream. The wooden bridges are the reflection of moving forward, progressing, good news and hope.

But also when we dream of a wooden bridge it can have a negative meaning, for that we must remember the state in which the bridge was during the dream, or how we see or cross it.

Dream about a wooden bridge

If in the dream we only see the wooden bridge from afar, it portends that soon our businesses will go as we dreamed. If the wooden bridge we see is in perfect condition, it predicts that we will soon receive good news. News that we have been waiting for a long time. A very long and narrow wooden bridge, wobbling, shows that we are not prepared to face the changes that are coming in our lives. Jumping off a wooden bridge means that we will have to make the difficult decision to end our projects, because of problems that will arise unexpectedly.

See wooden bridge over a river

A wooden bridge that is over a river, augurs very good opportunities to come. If the water of the river that passes under the bridge is crystal clear, it indicates that everything we set out to do will turn out as planned and we will have much abundance and well-being. Crossing a broken wooden bridge, and seeing that there is a rushing river below, shows that we must overcome our fears. At the end of the road great opportunities await us. If the waters under the wooden bridge are dirty or full of mud, it shows that our efforts will not have the results we hope for.

We dream of crossing one

The fact of crossing over a wooden bridge and feeling afraid of falling shows the reflection of our fears in real life. If we confidently cross the wooden bridge, then it shows that we will finally be able to solve some old problems and free ourselves from a difficult situation that did not allow us to achieve our goals. Hearing that the boards creak as we walk across the bridge indicates that our thoughts will torment us.

Crossing a small wooden bridge predicts that happiness and business will bring us great satisfaction. When we see that the wooden bridge is in ruins and we don’t know how to cross to the other side, it predicts that we will receive sad news and we will need the company of the family to be able to overcome it.

Dream about a falling wooden bridge

Passing by car or walking, and suddenly the wooden bridge falls with us above, alerts us to the betrayal of a known person. If while crossing the wooden bridge, it begins to break and pieces of wood fall, it predicts great sadness and desolation. A broken wooden bridge also means that we will lose a lot of money.

build a bridge

If we build a wooden bridge, it predicts that we will feel overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities that will fall on us. Building a wooden bridge and not being able to finish it or it is poorly done, indicates that we have very difficult goals to achieve. We push ourselves too hard and are unrealistic with our wishes.

Dreaming of a wooden bridge over which a train passes

This dream indicates that we are not convinced to take the next step with our partner. We must rethink if that person is really for us. That way we would not waste time with a person who does not convince us. Seeing the train pass under a wooden bridge alerts us to a betrayal. Passing by train over a wooden bridge and observing a beautiful landscape, augurs that we will achieve our dreams, but with a lot of effort and sacrifice.

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