Dream about a wooden door

Dreaming of a wooden door arises after in real life we ​​are trying to find the solution or answer to something. We also usually have this dream when we start new projects, we need to feel safe or we decide to accept new opportunities.

Whenever we see wooden doors in the dream, it symbolizes challenges, hope, transformation, changes, secrets, closures, and new beginnings. It is very important for a good interpretation of the dream that we remember if the door was closed, open, or if we could go through, if it had a key, if it was broken or if it looked new, etc. Every detail will help us find a better meaning to our striking dream.

Dream about a wooden door

If in the dream we see the wooden doors that are inside our house or office, it portends that there are barriers that are limiting our growth. When the kitchen door is made of wood, it indicates that we will soon run into more unexpected problems. Closing a wooden door represents our desire to hide until the problems pass. Touching a wooden door portends bad news. If the wooden door is the only one to enter, it portends a lot of union and joy in the home.

Looking out the window of the wooden door, and seeing that it is night outside, promises that we will make mistakes that will be unforgivable. Seeing other people enter or exit through a wooden door predicts that it will be difficult for us to put our lives in order. If the hinges of the wooden door break, it shows that with our attitude we are hurting someone who really appreciates us very much.

Can’t open the wooden door

If we cannot open the wooden door, it indicates that we are surrounded by mysteries and secrets that make us mistrust many people. This dream also indicates that we should not make hasty decisions and we should take time to think better about what is the best decision for us and our future. Opening a new wooden door indicates that we will successfully overcome difficulties.

Dream about a big wooden door

A large wooden door that is closed shows that we are setting unattainable goals for ourselves, also this dream indicates that false gossip has been created behind our backs by a person we trust a lot.

go through a door

Entering through a wooden door is very positive, as it shows that we have the unconditional support of the people around us, and that gives us a lot of security. If the wooden door through which we enter is that of our house, it indicates that we are about to experience a great transformation in our lives, with new beginnings and opportunities.

What if the front door is made of wood?

If the front door is made of wood, it means that we will have a lot of energy to work on our projects. But if the front door is made of wood and is open, it represents the desire to talk to someone you trust, and let off steam of our emotions that we have been accumulating for a long time. An open wooden door also augurs good business, success, new paths and a lot of happiness.

See you have a key

When the wooden door has a key, it shows that we feel oppressed and would like to get away from everyone, away from all eyes. If we put a key on the wooden door, it indicates that we will move away from everyone, even from our best friends. Opening the wooden door that has a key on it indicates that a person will help us achieve our goals, and thanks to honesty our friendship will be strengthened. Closing the wooden door from the inside symbolizes the lack of independence.

Dream About Broken Wooden Door

A wooden door that is broken in the dream means that we will have to face difficulties that will come out unexpectedly. These problems can be family, couple or work.

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