Dream about a yellow cat

Dreaming of a yellow cat can leave you with some uncertainty about what this dream means, since although cats in dreams can be something usual, that they are yellow is not so frequent.

In general, most dreams in which yellow cats appear are usually unfavorable, since depending on how the dream has occurred, its interpretation shows deception, betrayal or conspiracy.

Dream about a yellow cat

Seeing a yellow cat that is watching us indicates that we must be alert and observe what is happening around us, since they are lying to us and we are not realizing that they are deceiving us. Having a yellow cat in our house alerts us to someone who pretends to be a good person, but is actually an envious person.

When the yellow cat sleeps peacefully in our house, it is a good omen, since it announces a lot of peace and family union. If a yellow stray cat enters our house, it alerts us to problems with the children. And if the dreamer has no children in real life, then this dream means that he will have problems with parents.

Yellow cat with green eyes

If the cat that is in our dream, apart from being yellow, has green eyes, it indicates that someone will betray us and make us look ridiculous before everyone.

See the cat is dead

Finding a dead yellow cat is a good omen, since it shows that we will finally cut off all communication with a person who makes our lives impossible. This dream also means that we will overcome the bad habits that prevented us from advancing in our life projects. But if the yellow cat is dead inside our house or patio, then it is a bad omen, since it indicates that someone in the family will get sick and their health will be very delicate.

If it is we who kill the yellow cat, it indicates that we will defeat our enemies. If we beat a yellow cat to death, this dream represents the remorse and grudges that we carry inside.

Dream About Big Yellow Cat

Seeing a big yellow cat in our dream, foretells that a relative or a friend will disappoint us. This will make us feel very frustrated.

What if he speaks to us in the dream?

When a yellow colored cat speaks to us in our dream, it alerts us to someone who seems friendly but is actually trying to trick us. This can occur in the sentimental partner or in a friendship.

See a sick yellow cat

Having a dream where we see a yellow cat that is sick or suffering, predicts bad business with great economic losses and financial problems. We must be prepared for difficult times economically.

Meaning of dreaming about a wounded yellow cat

If the yellow cat is injured, it shows that someone in the family will need our help. If the injured cat is bleeding, then it indicates that old family feuds will resurface.

when the cat is lost

Seeing a yellow cat that is lost, not knowing where to go, portends fights with our partner, until breaking up, but our sadness will not last long, since we will quickly find a new love.

petting a yellow cat

If we are caressing a yellow cat, it shows that we will fall into infidelity, and this could put our relationship at risk.

Feed a yellow cat

Feeding a yellow cat shows that someone in the family, or a friend, will be ungrateful to us, and everything we have done for them will simply be ignored. If we feed him with milk, then this dream means that we have a faithful friend who would never betray us.

Dreaming of a yellow cat that we bathe

When we are bathing a yellow cat, it indicates that we ourselves, with our bad decisions, will ruin our reputation. After that many will stop trusting us.

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