What does it mean to dream about abortion and blood

What does it mean to dream of abortion and blood

This dream where you see blood from an abortion is an alert for concerns, or anguish for your uncertain future. It is a reflection of your anxiety to reach your goals soon, do not despair that the only thing you will achieve is stress.

You are going through a stage of fear for the problems that are being presented to you, you feel that everything could be lost. The projects you have are not in danger if you have control, do not leave anything to chance.

If you are pregnant, do not be scared, it is a very common dream because of the fear that your condition means. Everything will be fine so get ready to welcome the new member of the family, and enjoy your happiness.

Many times it is an announcement that a friendship or a relationship may be lost, due to your behavior or lack of interest. You must take precautions and do not miss the opportunity to be happy, put fear aside.

It is a warning dream that tells you that you can lose something very important to you, and that it will happen because of your attitude or your behavior. So it is better to analyze what you are doing, and determine your priorities.

It also means that you will emerge victorious from a confrontation, but that it will cause you a lot of pain. There are sacrifices that you will have to make to obtain a greater good, there are cycles that you must close to start others.

Contrary to dreaming of menstrual blood , this dream announces very painful losses. It announces drastic changes within you, thoughts that you will have to change to make way for new ideas.

If you are in a happy stage in your life, it is possible that it is the fear of losing everything that makes you have this dream. Do not stress, enjoy the happy moments, but take care of your relationship so that it lasts longer.

Dream of own abortion and blood

This dream of seeing blood from your own abortion means that you are going to face a hard fight with someone very dear to you. This will bring you a lot of pain and suffering, you will have to learn from some mistakes in order to continue.

It is also an announcement that you have to change some deep-rooted thoughts, it will be very difficult for you to accept some new ideas. You must allow yourself to speak freely, as well as enjoy happiness without regrets.

Dream of abortion and blood and the baby alive

Seeing in your dream the baby alive from an abortion with blood, is indicative that you will live moments of anguish due to some economic loss. But everything will turn out favorably for you, you just have to be very careful and avoid excesses.

Many times this dream shows your fear of losing everything, it anguishes you to think that happiness can end. You must play sports to calm your stress, because everything will be fine, you will still live many happy moments.

Dream of abortion and a lot of blood

Dreaming that you see an abortion with a lot of blood, is an announcement of breakups of very dear friendships that will cause you a lot of pain. You will live through very difficult times, and you will need the support of your family to get through this stage.

Sometimes it also means that a cycle will close in your life, but for that you must fight with yourself to continue. It is you who must redefine your priorities, even if it means starting over.

Dream of aborting and a lot of blood and the baby alive

It is an announcement that you will suffer a lot to conclude a stage of your life, but that change is necessary to continue your dreams. You have to renew yourself to fully flourish and be able to enjoy the happy moments that will come.

It also means that you will carry out a very good project, that you will fight with everything to achieve your plans. You will show your claw because the victory will cost you many sacrifices, but your resistance will make you smile in the end.

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