What does it mean to dream about abortion? 12 dream interpretations

abortion; a very hackneyed topic nowadays, people say that they should support him in the first three months of the fetus because he does not feel anything. For me , dreaming of abortion would be the equivalent of dreaming of murder .

In my opinion, by aborting you are killing a living being, regardless of whether it feels or not. Isn’t it a case if you sedate a person and then kill them it represents a murder because he doesn’t feel?!

Out of my opinions about this act so normal for some and so unwanted for others; abortion dreams have a meaning that is closely related to what it symbolizes in real life “getting rid of something or someone.”

abortions in dreams speak a lot about the search for freedom from something that is hindering our plans. This dream can also be a warning about your health or it can indicate that you are feeling significant anxiety about your current efforts.

Dream about abortion (removal of a fetus)

Dreaming of abortion, in general, implies that you are resisting a change in your life. Your subconscious is communicating the fear of the unknown. Dreaming of abortion is indicative of the fear that your subconscious mind has.

Seeing yourself going to an abortion clinic in a dream suggests that something in life will eventually turn out to be beneficial for you. A birth denotes embracing a new change. Therefore, abortion is a sign that you fear transformation.

Perhaps you are traveling towards a new beginning and this dream indicates that your emotions must be released in order to enjoy the experience in the future. If you have had a baby in real life, this dream indicates that you will soon make a decision and it is time that you really take the time to make it happen.

What does it mean to dream of abortion? 12 dream interpretations

This dream shows that we may be forced to give up a great idea in favor of something else that is much better. If your dream involves more than one ending, this can symbolize that you have become quite emotional.

This dream shows that you need to review recent decisions, to make sure that you are protected against the possibility of adverse situations in your life in the near future. Areas of your life may need to be reviewed for improvement.

But as in other cases, the meaning of dreams where we see an abortion depends largely on the scenario where it unfolds, that is; the environment where it occurred and the elements that were surrounding it in the dream experience.

For this reason we have prepared for you a list of the most common interpretations of what it means to dream of abortion :

1-Dream of own abortion

Dreaming of your own abortion means that your subconscious is trying to communicate with you, asking you to look at the connection you have with your past and learn to care, love, heal and be there for the people who need you.

The dream is a reminder that you need to look at your ways of behaving and the old beliefs that you have from your childhood and from which you are not ready to withdraw.

Dreaming that you have an abortion means that you need to take care of yourself, let go of old hurts so that you can move on with your life.

Perhaps you feel a little afraid, you are trying to turn a blind eye to your responsibilities, and you are moving away from who you really are.

2-Dreaming of miscarriage of twins

Dreaming of an abortion of twins means that there are two facets in your life that have you very confused, you do not know where to go or what decision to make. You see your head a bit like in the cartoons where the angel and the devil come out in a cloud of smoke.

In reality, you cannot visualize what is the plan that suits you and you are looking for a way to get rid of those opinions of others and devise your own escape.

Dreaming of twins being aborted can mean a respite, a way to find a little subsistence and total independence. It is a good sign, since you will not have to answer more than yourself for your successes or your mistakes.

3-Dreaming of abortion while pregnant

If you are pregnant and dream of having an abortion , this may be an “anxiety” dream. In spiritual terms, maybe it’s a secret you’re nurturing, an unexpected desire, or a desire to pursue a way of life you haven’t yet explored.

It could be a dream where you should consider and encourage the development and growth of the people around you.

4-dream of abortion and blood

Dreaming of abortion and blood is a very bad omen; announces that you are going to change plans in some aspect of your life. You are leaving something safe by accepting opportunities that appear to be promising but that bring with them many misfortunes and bad final results that you will not be able to perceive in advance.

For the moment I recommend that you take care of the position you have and do not let yourself be blinded by proposals without solid foundations that will be coming to you in the coming days because you could lose everything from one moment to the next and not only in the monetary field.

5-Dream of miscarriage

Dreaming of a miscarriage can contain various meanings, depending on how it appears. If you dream of a miscarriage and you are pregnant, it could be a warning that you need to take good care of your body.

After the dream, avoid visiting crowded places, rest and try to find peace in life. You are embarking on a delicate moment in your life and you need to eliminate daily stress.

If you dream of a miscarriage and you are not pregnant yet, it is a warning about your health in general and therefore you should pay attention to it.

Alternatively, a miscarriage may indicate that you encounter a failure in your real life involving a project or activity that you value highly. Perhaps, even though you are trying hard, you are not achieving as much as you should in life.

6-Dreaming of induced abortion

Dreaming of an abortion caused by yourself means that you are running away from some situation in your life, you do not want to continue carrying out a plan that has not given you results in a long time.

This is a positive dream as it will be an ending that will mean a new beginning. You are about to get rid of useless things to be able to execute others that do generate positive results.

If you dream that someone causes you to have an abortion without your consent, you should be careful, because it means that there is a person who is not very happy about your successes and is going to try by all means to make your business go down.

7-Dreaming of miscarriage of twins

Dreaming of an abortion of twins indicates that two energies are circulating in your life that have the same force, some positive and others negative, represented by the voices of the people around you, but you cannot identify them.

This situation, far from helping you, is confusing you because they collide like speeding cars trying to drive you from one side to the other. This dream means that you are going to get rid of both of them to make a new start in your life, based on your own efforts and opinions.

8-Dreaming of my girlfriend’s abortion

Dreaming of your girlfriend having an abortion means that you are not going to be able to agree on something specific, perhaps she has different ideals than yours and that is causing a clash in the relationship.

The conflict will not end if one of the two does not seat; start by doing it yourself if you are interested in things getting better because otherwise you could be entering the end of your love cycle with her.

9-Dreaming of abortion and pregnancy

Dreaming that you have an abortion and return to pregnancy is a warning that you are putting aside things that actually represent positive things for you in the future.

Your subconscious is trying to warn you that you are not correct and that you should try to redirect your plans.

10-Dreaming of abortion and blood of another person

Dreaming that another person miscarries and there is blood means that you are getting too close to someone who has many problems and who is badly influencing you. If in the dream you touch the blood it means that you will be affected by the bad decisions of that person.

This dream is a warning that you should analyze your friendships more to identify which ones suit you and which ones do not.

11-Dreaming of abortion without being pregnant

If you dream that you are not pregnant but you abort , it means that you need to get rid of things that are harmful in your life, things that you may not yet have been able to identify but that are damaging your physical or social well-being.

It could be a silent illness or some insincere friendship; You should pay more attention to those aspects. Alternatively, it could be a sign that you are expecting the arrival of a wonderful baby and you are not yet aware of it.

Remember that even if they are not planned; babies are a blessing, a little piece of you and you should focus on the celebration and fulfillment in your life because now there is one more reason.

12-Dreaming of abortion in the bathroom

The bathroom is a private place where we get rid of the waste of our body; dreaming of an abortion in the bathroom means that you are looking for a hidden way to get rid of something; Perhaps you have been having one of those clandestine relationships and you have repented.

Maybe you’ve realized that it’s not doing you any good and you’re trying to get out of it without anyone noticing. You can be successful if you manage to convince the other person well and they don’t leave any loose ends.


Dreaming of abortion can have many scenarios that define whether the interpretation of these dreams is positive or negative, however they all coincide with the fact that it is about getting rid of something that is hindering, something that we do not like or something that we do not like. we have tired.

Depending on the way in which the dream is presented, it tells us if it is an action that we will perform or are performing and if it is right or wrong.

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