What does it mean to dream about abyss

What does it mean to dream of abyss

This dream is premonitory, a warning for being very exposed to certain situations that represent danger. You are possibly at a crossroads where your instincts tell you one thing, but your reason tells you another.

It is also a reflection of your subconscious, experiencing a certain fear in the face of danger that you know means a passion. Passionate love is usually like adrenaline, however, the consequences are not always lucky.

Many times it is an unconscious expression of ending everything because you feel trapped, you feel guilty for letting yourself be carried away by your desires. You are the only one who can decide and break through temptations, but rest assured that new doors will open for you.

They are often considered as nightmares, and their meaning is not very encouraging. However, heeding it as a warning can free you from some dangers, so you can find a solution more quickly.

An abyss in your dream often represents a failure, a betrayal or perhaps a simple lie. That will cause you unexpected suffering, but it is up to you to turn things around and take advantage of it.

You feel anguish in your dream because of the upcoming danger it represents, perhaps some things do not have very solid foundations. Maybe you should analyze your work relationship, or improve your relationship with your partner.

But above all you must analyze your inner tranquility, if you feel fulfilled and good with yourself. You have to see the obstacles that present themselves as opportunities for new and better things in your life.

It warns you of a depressive and fatalistic mood, you must maintain a healthy diet, as well as exercise outdoors. Staying clear will help keep your spirits up, allowing you to reach emotional balance.

Dream of an abyss and not fall

Seeing an abyss and surrounding it so as not to fall means that you will emerge victorious from the problems that arise. You will have the necessary audacity to convince your projects with arguments, your path will be cleared.

You are going to have many job offers, and you must stand firm in your professional convictions. Your disposition attracts luck and will be very favorable to take advantage of the right opportunities.

Dream of falling from an abyss

Feeling that you are falling into an abyss in your dream, indicates a possible failure in some planned projects. As well as betrayals by someone close to you, which will make you suffer a painful disappointment.

It is also an announcement of fear and insecurity for facing something unknown, the changes that occur make you feel insecure. You build the favorable moments in your life yourself, you just have to take advantage of them.

Dream of jumping into the abyss

If you dream that you throw yourself into an abyss, many times it is the desire to escape from the current situation that you are experiencing. Perhaps you are feeling that you cannot solve anything and you are exhausted, you should calm down to think things through better

It may also be that you are doing things without realizing it and the consequences of which will bring you financial complications. Put your accounts in the clear and take care of your health, you are responsible and you will know how to say enough to those negative things.

Dream of seeing an abyss

The caveat without a doubt is that there are some enemies around you, and you have to be careful because they will try to harm you. Stay alert with what you say and do, do not leave anything to assumptions to avoid misunderstandings.

Be transparent in your actions so that you do not have financial problems with your friends, temptations always arise. Don’t do what you wouldn’t want done to you, and everything will run its course cordially.

Dream that you see an abyss from afar

This dream is positive because it means that good things and better times will come, that lies, slander and disloyalty will be left behind. New doors open before you for your professional future, remove doubts and take advantage of the opportunity

On the sentimental level, it means that everything depends on your disposition, because the other party is very committed. Problems are just a mirage, don’t waste time and enjoy the good times with your partner.

Dream that you see an abyss up close

If you are a woman, it can mean that you are very worried about yourself, that you are afraid of somewhat trivial matters. Relax, you are beautiful and you don’t need so much to succeed, you just have to make an effort to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, if you are a man, it will mean that you are about to make a mistake, which will bring you very bad consequences. It is up to you to make the best decision and go around that pothole that is appearing to you, you can.

Dream of a big abyss

It is an announcement of complicated problems, perhaps economic failures that will endanger your financial situation. You must take care of your work and make more of an effort to prepare yourself professionally, the competition is strong.

In the same way, it announces anguish due to problems in your family relationship, try to get closer to them and see what needs are happening. Perhaps you are in time to solve them, and prevent them from causing further complications.

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