Dream about air conditioning

Dreaming of air conditioning is related to the purification, relief or improvement of our lives. Depending on how things happen in the dream, it can mean a cleansing of the body and mind, to achieve a change of life towards a healthier and more peaceful one.

When the room we are in has air conditioning, it alerts us that there are people around us who are going to get in the way. Also dreaming that there is an air conditioner in the room and we find ourselves alone, shows how cold and lonely we are.

Dreaming of air conditioning on

Having an air conditioning on in the dream, and seeing that everything freezes or we feel too cold, indicates that we are going through times of great stress and we cannot find a moment to calm down and think clearly. We are so preoccupied with the things that are happening to us that we are very afraid that everything will become too cold and everything will become so difficult that it will be impossible for us to move on. Having the air conditioning on in a room with many people, augurs that we will have fights or friction with relatives.

What does it mean to dream of turning on an air conditioner?

If when we turn it on we see that it blows hot air, it shows that we will try to cool down a fight or discussion, but what we will generate is the opposite of what we want. We will make everything get worse and get out of control, better we must remain silent and not give our opinion. This dream is telling us that we should stop for a minute before speaking, so that we will avoid many arguments in vain.

Trying to turn on an air conditioner and not being able to turn it on because the remote control is broken or without batteries, shows that we need a vacation because we do not know how to relax and disconnect from problems. It may be that all the stress and anxiety we feel are out of control. We should try to talk to someone to help us release tension and control our anxiety. If we are very hot in the dream and we turn on the air conditioning to cool off, it represents problems that are about to come into our lives.

Meaning of dreaming about air conditioning that works well

When we see that the air conditioning works perfectly, it shows us that we have found a balance in our life, and with this we manage to argue less with our loved ones. This dream also shows that someone has listened to us and we have been able to vent, and thanks to that talk we feel free and with great peace and tranquility.

Dreaming of air conditioning that does not work

It reflects our concern for the problems that plague us, and we will not be relaxed until they are solved. It also shows that someone will give us advice, that we will not like it at all, but deep down we know that they are right.

Meaning of dreaming about air conditioning ducts

If we look at the air conditioning ducts, it shows how we are channeling our stress and our emotions. The ducts symbolize our feelings. If the air conditioning duct is dirty, broken or clogged, it indicates that we have a lot of trouble showing our emotions to others. This dream also shows that we have a hard time making decisions and we always let others make them for us.

Why do you dream of a house with air conditioning?

It symbolizes the relationship we have with our family. In this case, the air conditioning may be showing us a difficult relationship with a family member or it may show us that we have been injured by a family member and it is too difficult for us to forgive them and leave everything behind.

Dreaming of air conditioning that is on the outside of a house is a very positive dream, as it promises us that we will receive very tempting job offers. If we meet at the beach on vacation and turn on the air conditioning, it portends fights and estrangement from people we love very much.

What does it mean to dream of air conditioning in which we die or get trapped?

This type of dream is very positive because it indicates that many doors will open for us, and with very good proposals.

Dream of installing air conditioning

It shows us that what is now becoming easy for us, the time will come when it will make us lose everything: family, work or money. We must bear in mind that the easiest, or fast, is not always the best.

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