Dream about alien invasion

Immediately after dreaming of an alien invasion we think of negative things that can happen to us, since for years we have seen on television, or heard through various media, about alien invasions that will sow terror on the planet.

Generally this type of dream shows fear of changes, of the unknown, of failure. We must understand the meaning of the dream to have a better spiritual perception. Keep in mind that seeing an alien invasion can also be very positive for us.

Dream about alien invasion

Being in the dream in an alien invasion indicates that we have neglected ourselves a lot and it is time to align ourselves again in our life. Seeing an alien invasion and fleeing due to the fear we feel, represents our fear of the unknown. We must begin to take more risks and take advantage of the opportunities that life gives us.

Not feeling afraid when an alien invasion is taking place, augurs good times with people we like very much. Also this dream means that we will have the opportunity to fulfill our dreams unexpectedly. If an alien enters our house, it indicates that we will be unknowingly making a deal with our enemy. Trying to talk to an alien and not understanding what he says means that many rumors and false news will be created around us.

Seeing how the UFOs crash during the alien invasion indicates that the disasters we have experienced teach us that it depends on us if we want a better life. Now it is in our hands to create a better future. Being walking and meeting an alien that has invaded the earth, indicates that we will soon meet, unexpectedly, the love of our life.

Seeing an alien invasion through a window and then seeing that the aliens are coming towards our house means that we will soon receive a visit from a person we love very much and have not seen for a long time.

See UFOs during the invasion

If in the alien invasion we are abducted by the UFO, it shows that we have in front of us good opportunities that we waste for fear of failure. If UFOs fly in the sky before making the invasion, it indicates that we will fulfill a dream that we have had for years.

Dream about alien spaceships

If the alien ships are above us, it indicates that there is a hidden part that we do not know yet. When the alien spaceships are in the sky and shine, it means that we will be able to find new things that we are passionate about and we will enjoy the new discoveries a lot.

Observing how alien ships invade the earth or the city where we live, shows that we feel empty and alone. We are waiting for someone to magically come into our lives and make us feel complete. In reality, what we must do is search within ourselves for the things that we like and desire in order to feel complete and fulfilled.

Meaning of dreaming about alien invasion

An alien invasion represents an enemy nearby that we haven’t discovered yet, but we will soon find out who it is and we will be very disappointed. If during the alien invasion an alien walks towards us and seems to be friendly, it portends that we will soon meet very interesting people who will help us grow in our goals. Conversing with an alien indicates that we will meet unpleasant people that we will have to put up with out of obligation.

If a woman dreams of alien invasion

When a woman dreams of an alien invasion, it is a very positive thing, because this particular dream predicts that she will meet a good life partner, who will be faithful and loyal. But if a woman dreams that she is inside a UFO during the alien invasion, then it means betrayal by someone she trusts a lot.

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