Dream about Amusement Park: Interpretation and Meaning

Dream About Amusement Park Facilities

Depending on the operating condition of the dream amusement park, you can draw some interpretation with your waking life.

amusement park closed

This suggests that you deny yourself your fun and leisure time. It would help you to have a break. Suppose certain weather conditions, such as snow, close the amusement park or a particular ride. Consider the type of weather and how it can relate to your entertainment aspect of life. For example, your loss of the thrill of life triggers the dream scenario in which an attraction closes.

empty amusement park

Dreaming of an empty or abandoned amusement park suggests that you need to open yourself up to more fun and adventure.

Meaning of dreaming of broken games in an amusement park

To dream that the amusement park rides are broken means that something in your life is not going as expected.

Dream about different amusement park rides

Consider the type of attractions within your amusement park related dream to help you interpret your waking life. If you see many attractions simultaneously in the dream, it shows that many events or people are easily distracting you lately.

a joyous ride

It can suggest a whirlwind of events or even things getting out of hand. You feel that you are not going well but that you return to the starting point.

bumper car rides

This means the way you interact with others. You may feel cornered or in constant conflict with the people around you.

Roller coaster

This represents that you are taking exciting or dangerous risks. Or it could point to the sexual arousal that is available to you.

Haunted house or ghost walks

Circumstances and events will soon test your courage.

water rides

You will go through difficult times with emotional turmoil. But it will be fine.

Theme amusement park

Depending on certain times of the year, the amusement park may have themes like Halloween haunted house, Space Mountain, or even Star Wars Land. Considering these issues can help you interpret your emotions as well. For example, being at a Halloween-themed amusement park with everyone in costume suggests that you want to have fun without being yourself.


Dinosaur-related dreams, such as Jurassic Park or Jurassic World, may relate to the movie in some way. If you stick with your old ways or try to get them back without proper planning, disasters can happen. It may be better to stay with the times with your leisure activities.

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