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What does the anchor seen in a dream predict? According to the modern dream book, dreaming of an anchor marks the end of a matter, the stability of your position.

The more significant the dimensions of the anchor, the more reliable its position, the better life it will have.

Lowering the anchor in a dream is a symbol of the successful embodiment of what was conceived. For lovers, such a dream portends a strong and happy marriage. The dream, in which you are pulling the anchor, reveals your restless nature, reveals the desire for an extreme journey.

The loss of an anchor or its futile search portends the unsuccessful course of a conceived enterprise. The inability to fulfill a dream will cause your endless worries.

Dream with Salt

According to the meaning of dreams , an anchor at the bottom of the calm sea, seen by a sailor in a dream, portends new campaigns. For other dreamers, a dream predicts parting, moving, a long journey. For a man in love, an anchor is the harbinger of a quarrel, a break in relations.

Vanga considered that an anchor in a dream marks your life position, the foundation by which you are guided, performing certain actions.

The fall of an anchor predicts a temporary fallacy, your will is subordinated to a more active and enterprising person.

Lifting an anchor in a dream, you embark on a trembling path of mistakes and disappointments. You will do things that will harm you until you follow wise advice. The descending anchor portends the dreamer’s meeting with a reliable and solid person who will protect him from many troubles.

Freud thought that a woman who sees a raised anchor in a dream is desirable to a man who is unassuming in appearance and does not show much activity.

Such a dream calls a man to neatness, especially in the underwear part. Otherwise, he risks public disgrace.

Meaning of dreaming about fishing with a rod

If in a dream you were lucky enough to see a descending anchor, this means that in reality you will have a new fast and passionate romance.

An anchor that is clearly visible above the water is a good sign; if it was under water – it means disappointment.

You must decide, first of all, for yourself – did the lowered anchor overwhelm you or did you consciously lower it on the contrary? If the anchor was an obstacle, this means that in reality, something bothers you and burdens you too.

It can be both specific life circumstances and personal qualities that are holding you back. Think about it.

In the same case, if the anchor was consciously lowered, then the interpretation of a dream is quite positive – you are comfortable and calm at this time in life.

Other dreams in which anchors appear

  • To see anchor in your dream denotes that you will reach your goals and you will see that this point is enough and you will relax. Alternatively, it means to be successful, to announce the success or the result to the environment.
  • Dropping anchor in your dream implies that you will persist in something and reach your goal.
  • If you pick up the anchor in your dream, it means that you will take a new opportunity and get ready to follow it. You will abandon your request for falling in love.
  • Seeing anchor patterned rugs, sheets, pillows or anchor patterned clothes in your dream refers to comfort, which is small but important to you.
  • To see the figure of the anchor on the wall or on the ground in your dream implies that you will live in the same place for many years, you must avoid dangerous adventures by taking the edge off your desires.

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