What does it mean to dream about angels and demons

What does it mean to dream of angels and demons

Definitely seeing angels and demons in the same dream is a warning of danger, you must take into account what they are doing in your dream. This way you will better interpret their message to take the necessary precautions.

Seeing that the angels are together in the same dream with the demons, tells you that you are at a crossroads. Perhaps you are about to make a difficult decision, because there are things that you want, but you should not do.

These two very opposite characters show the struggle of positive and negative feelings in the same person. It is an internal struggle that is being reflected in this dream, the one who wins will take control of your actions.

You are trying to find the point of balance between your personal satisfaction and the well-being of others and you feel that one will be hurt. You must learn to remain calm, but also your decision.

You feel remorse for something bad you did in the past, but you are trying to justify your actions at the same time. If you were wrong, you must learn to accept your mistakes and try to correct them, it is the only way to find peace.

The feeling you wake up with after this dream is very important in order to take advantage of its warning. You must remember it objectively and be forewarned, it is up to you to always do the right thing.

Dreams are warnings, warnings or reflections of our subconscious, but it is up to each one to make the right decisions. We are what we do and what we give to others, remember that everything is returned in this life.

It also reflects that you are a person who has a very realistic sense of life, because you are aware of the existence of good and evil. You accept yourself with your defects and virtues and that is a very good thing, because you know how to be tolerant with others.

Dream of angels and demons fighting

Seeing angels and demons facing each other in your dream is a sign that you are struggling with your negative feelings. That you are looking to end those feelings of resentment for some action that hurt you, your big heart will fight, don’t worry.

Sometimes he tells you that you will fight very hard with someone dishonest, but that this fight will be of equals. Your greatness makes you look capable of defending yourself against anyone, you will not lack the guts to achieve it.

Dream of angels and demons flying

If you dream that angels fly around you, but also demons, it means that you will be very successful in what you set out to do. But be careful because there are people who will do the impossible so that you do not succeed, you must put a lot of effort because it will not be easy.

It is also a warning dream, because it means that you have many good people willing to help you. But you must be careful with those around you who want to hurt you, and who only simulate their kindness.

Dream that angels and demons are chasing you

This is a dream that is related to remorse, you may have done something wrong that does not let you sleep in peace. But at the same time you have the opportunity to fix things, it’s time to do the right thing and face the consequences.

Throughout life we ​​do good things or sometimes we make some mistakes, this dream shows you that your interior is in a constant search to do the right thing. But you have to face your negative feelings and placate them.

Dream that many angels and demons are chasing you

Having this dream reflects your anguish, because you are aware that you have around you people with good hearts and willing to protect you. But you are suspicious because there are many who just want to see you unhappy.

You feel unprotected and you are full of resentment, you seek revenge on those who hurt you. But you are feeling the love of many people and you do not know how to react to it, it is time to close that door of suffering and let the sun enter through your window. Luck.

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