What does it mean to dream about angels in heaven

What does it mean to dream of angels in heaven

Dreaming of angels in heaven is one of the most fabulous dreams you can have, it fills you with peace and tranquility. You will feel that you are protected and that fabulous times are coming, you will have your heart full of joy and happiness.

Angels are luminous beings that transmit not only peace but also happiness, they are messengers of good news. And seeing them fly in the sky can even be a magical dream, you will wake up very comforted.

But nevertheless you may have some sense of uneasiness, which means that you may be wrong in some action. Beware of committing any injustice, that brings pain and suffering to someone else.

It is also a dream that warns you that something bad can happen to you, if the angels you see in heaven are evil angels. You must be aware of the people who surround you and advise you, do not blindly trust yourself.

Angels flying close to you means that you are protected, that nothing bad can happen to you because they will come to your defense. You will be accompanied by people with a lot of experience, who will give you advice that you should put into practice.

Sometimes you dream of angels in heaven because you may be sorry for some wrong action that affected a person around you. You must find a way to solve things, to avoid further suffering.

The symbology of the angels is mystical and religious, because they are considered as messengers of God. So seeing them in your dream is a sign of protection from heaven, you are a very lucky person for that.

You are the one who decides what to believe and what not, so you can make your actions good or bad. And remember, treat others as you would like to be treated, because protected or not, everything in this life is returned.

Dream of an angel flying

Seeing in your dream that an angel is flying near you, is an omen that you are a special person and chosen to enjoy success. That you will have the protection of a divine being, so you should take advantage of carrying out what you set out to do.

It also means that you are growing spiritually, that your heart is full of peace and love to give to others. The happiness in helping others makes you a blessed person, thank you for this pleasant dream.

Dream of angels coming down from heaven

If you have a dream where you see angels coming down from heaven, it is announcing that people who will shake your hand will come to your side. You will have some conflicts or confrontations, but your friends will come to your defense.

They can also announce the end of all your suffering, perhaps it is not a good time for you because of the problems you have. This dream tells you that the time has come to raise your head, prosperity has come into your life.

dream of fallen angels

Seeing fallen angels or evil angels in your dream is definitely a warning, you may be at the mercy of unscrupulous people. You have to be alert because you can be the victim of some deception, someone’s bad faith lies in wait for you.

Seeing these angels also tells you that you may be harboring bad feelings within your heart, resentment for something darkens your soul. Beware of those feelings, which will only bring you suffering and heartbreak.

Dream of many angels flying in the sky

This dream means that you are a person who likes peace and tranquility, the angels flying in the sky shows the serenity of your surroundings. You enjoy sharing with others and that makes you a protected being, congratulations.

It is a dream that reminds you that you have loved ones who watch over you from heaven, you should always remember them with love. Also remember some of his advice, perhaps right now they can help you a lot.

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