Dreaming of angels is something very positive, angels are considered celestial beings, therefore their meaning and interpretation is a forecast of prosperity, health, conflict resolution, overcoming problems…

Dreaming of angels is a sign of good fortune, as it announces the end of all the bad things that worry or worry you. However, the mood of the angels, as well as other factors that are shown in the dream, could significantly vary this positive meaning in another meaning that is not so positive.

If the angels appear in the dream happy, smiling, with a peaceful countenance, the forecasts will always be positive.

If the angels appear sad or crying, it means that in order to solve the problems that torment you or achieve your desired goal, you will have to make a huge sacrifice or resignation.

On the other hand, if the angels appear angry or furious in the dream, it means that you are going to receive bad news regarding your problems, projects or concerns.

Dream of angels flying in the sky

If you dream that you see an angel or several angels flying through the blue sky, without clouds, it means that you are at your best moment or that this good moment begins from now on, therefore, this dream is a reason for joy and tranquility. The problems are over or at least that one or those that have kept you so restless or restless, new and very generous opportunities are opening up for you.

If the sky through which the angels or the angel fly has one or a few clouds , it means that there are still some obstacles to overcome before reaching the prized trophy of victory.

If, on the other hand, you dream of angels flying through a gray or dark cloudy sky, it means that despite the obstacles, delays or unforeseen events that may come your way, you will end up achieving what you want and it will also be very satisfying for you.

Dream of angels coming down from heaven

If you dream of an angel or several angels descending or falling from heaven, it means that you will receive good news in a short time that new doors that until now remained closed will open or that the course of events will change in your favor. .

Dream of angels blowing trumpets

If you dream that you see an angel or several angels blowing trumpets, it means that good news is coming, news that you long for or unexpected, in any case it will be very positive and will open up a new and more prosperous future for you.

If the angels play a happy melody or heavenly music , the news or good news will come from someone important to you.

If, on the other hand, the melody or music played by the angels with the trumpets is sad or sinister , it means that although the news may mean a desired or expected and positive change, it will also have a painful or sad connotation.

Dream of angels with music

Dreaming of an angel or several angels at the same time and at the same time listening to music means that you are doing very well regarding those important matters that you have at hand or you are making very correct decisions even if you are not sure or sure of it right now.

This dream tells you that you are on the right path, it is also a dream that predicts the fact that you will soon achieve what you want.

If, on the other hand, the music that plays with the angels is funereal, sad or unpleasant , it means that you should rethink your strategy or reflect well on what you are going to carry out, since it could be leading you to failure.

Dream of angels singing

If you dream of an angel or several angels singing, you will have to pay attention to the message of that song, it is probably a communication from the universe that is necessary for you at this time.

If you can’t understand the words or you can’t find a meaning in them but the song is pleasant, it means that you should listen to your inner voice or be guided by your intuition at this time in your life.

On the other hand, if the angels sing a sad or sinister song , it means that you are currently at a crossroads and do not know where you can or should go.

However, if you search within yourself, if you listen to the voice of your heart, you will find the way.

Dream of angels and demons

If you dream of angels and demons at the same time, this is a reflection of the moral, personal, love or other conflict that you are facing in your real life.

Having this dream is an indication that you need to clarify your mind and your heart very well and for a moment think about the consequences that what you are doing or what you are going to do can have on others and on yourself. It is likely that you need help, advice or guidance from someone close to you.

Dream of angels speaking to you

If you dream of an angel or several angels speaking to you, you will have to pay attention to those words, since those words are actually a message of encouragement, hope and strength for you in general or in a specific area of ​​your life. That message or messages can also be the instructions that you have to follow at this precise moment of your life to resolve a certain situation or win a good victory.

On many occasions, when you hear the voice of the angels, deep down it is your own voice that you are not able to raise in real life due to fear, shame or lack of security.

Dream of black angels or dressed in black

If you dream of black angels or angels dressed in black, it means that you have one or more toxic and harmful people in your close environment, whether in the family, in your circle of friends, your partner, ex-partner or in your professional circle . Possibly they are manipulative people who use emotional blackmail to achieve their goals or who intentionally take advantage of you or your worth.

dream of white angels

If you dream of white angels or angels dressed in white, it means that the people around you will help you, they will understand you and they will give you good and sincere advice.

Having this dream reveals that you have around you people who really love you, love you just the way you are and will always be by your side under any circumstance.

Dream of golden angels

If you dream of golden angels or dressed in golden clothes, it means that you are maturing or that you are going to mature deeply , which will make you a wiser, more evolved person and what is more important, you will be a much happier person.

Dream of the guardian angel

If you dream of your guardian angel or feel that it is your guardian angel, it means that you are going to resurface completely from a difficult situation, that you are going to take flight and despite everything that is against you, you will rise up strong and victorious. or victorious.

It is a very hopeful dream, especially when you are going through a bad time or a bad streak

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