What does it mean to dream about anorexia

What does it mean to dream of anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder condition, which causes those who suffer from it to be disturbed by their weight and seek not to eat food. It is characterized by an erroneous perception of body image, which is unfortunately distorted from reality, creating permanent conflicts, which must be dealt with professionally. 

When people have uncontrolled fear of maintaining a weight or the fear becomes unjustified by increasing it, they often have distorted images when dreaming. But if the dreamer does not have this type of condition, then it is a sign of problems with self-esteem or something whose subconscious wants to project. 

Emotional problems. low self esteem 

It is not necessary to suffer from this disorder of neurological origin or emotional suffering for the dream images to appear in the dream. It is possible that you have heard a comment or appreciated videos that refer to anorexia, creating an impression on the subconscious, projecting it when dreaming.

Whatever the case that affects the dreamer, generally when these types of images appear at the time of dreaming, it refers to emotional problems. Low personal esteem , or feeling of rejection due to some particular circumstances, which can be overcome if they are paid attention to in time.

How to dream of anorexia may be signaling the lack of self-esteem and self-love. The dream seeks to incite the dreamer to raise the levels of personal appreciation of her. It is a reference, for those who dream do not try to change their way of being just hoping to please others .

Various perceptions of dreaming of anorexia

Dream that you have Anorexia

If in the dream it is observed that you suffer from this emotional disorder, it is a personal alert . Actually the subconscious is indicating that you must be attentive to the various events that can harm the spirit of moving forward. It is the sign that you should not pay attention to the unhealthy comments of others, this hinders progress in achieving the objectives set.

Dreaming of anorexia can symbolize the rejection that you feel internally from others, who experience this type of dream. It presents difficulty to perceive, understand the reality of things, because the dreamer has low self-esteem, perceiving various unjustified rejections from those around him.

Dream that an acquaintance suffers from Anorexia

If at any time he appears in dreams even known suffering from anorexia, it is a reference of the subconscious to show his fear of reality . Therefore, it is reflected in others to be able to manifest itself and indicate the anguish that it is suffering from feeling rejected by some circumstance.

Sometimes when a known individual is seen in dreams with some unfavorable condition or condition, it is the dreamer’s mind that unfolds . Perhaps you do not feel at the moment with the capacity to face it directly. But with attention and willpower he will be able to overcome the aspects that fill him with anguish.

To dream that a young woman suffers from anorexia

If in dreams a young woman with anorexia is perceived, it is a clear sign of attention and reflection. The subconscious is indicating that something has been judged harshly and only by appearance before others without examining the real reasons. It is indicative that we should look at personal mistakes before judging others.

Dream that a young man suffers from anorexia

It is an alert dream when a young person with anorexia is appreciated, since it is a disease that goes beyond the emotional. It can also affect the physical part of the body by allowing the deterioration of internal organs if neglected. 

Perceiving the weak male image when dreaming is a reference to weakness and weakness in behavior . It is a warning to strengthen character before the circumstances that may arise in life.

Dream of anorexia in the family

Dream that our mother is anorexic

When the figure of the mother suffering from anorexia appears in the dream world, it is a warning sign or emergency attention . It is possible that the subconscious seeks to project some internal disorder that is related to diseases of the stomach or belly. It would never hurt to get a medical checkup on time.

When mothers appear in dreams it is a sign of needing protection or requiring immediate attention. When appearing in this dream in particular, it is also a sign of seeking to increase self-esteem based on the appreciation and acceptance of the mother.

Dream that our father suffers from Anorexia

In most cultures the father represents the head of the family, this dream when he is shown suffering from anorexia is a sign of strong neuralgic problems . Also, it could indicate that something may be affecting the dreamer in a part of the head without becoming a mental problem.

When this type of dream occurs, it is a reference to the various ailments or consequences that the person who perceives the images when dreaming may be experiencing. It is possible that the subconscious is telling you that all suffering is a consequence of your inappropriate action or bad head in some circumstance of life.

To dream that our son suffers from Anorexia

All dreams are symbolic, they reflect some situation or feeling of life. If at the moment of dreaming the image of a son suffering from anorexia is perceived, it refers to a certain heart disease. A heart condition that had not manifested itself, but is there. He points out that it is time for a timely review to rule out any problems.

Children generally represent the noble and selfless love of the beginning of the existence of a human being. When it is perceived that you are suffering from a disease such as anorexia, it is a sign that the foundations of a relationship must be reinforced with greater foundation. If the affection is beginning, it should be sincere from the beginning so that the true feeling and intention are not distorted.

Dream that our brother is anorexic

The brothers represent for the human being the solidarity and support at all costs in any situation that has to be faced. When the image of them appears affected by some ailment or illness such as anorexia, it is a sign of prevention and taking care of their backs from betrayals.

It also refers to the fact that many times you go through life without paying attention to people in the environment and their actions. What brings accidents as a result , due to carelessness and not being aware of the way we act and always depend on the help of a brother.

Other dreams with anorexia

Dreaming of an admired person suffering from anorexia

When an admired person is seen in the dream, suffering from anorexia is really a warning sign . Possibly something that is not working well in the couple’s relationship, appearances are hurting sincere affection, it is distancing the possibilities of reconciliation.

It is a dream where it is established that appearances should not affect the reality of a relationship if it is sincere. The admiration towards the couple when it vanishes is difficult to recover, but not impossible. It is time to initiate a change to strengthen the bonds of affection and respect .

Dream that a person with anorexia dies

When the death of someone is perceived in dreams, even if it is not known for anorexia, it is referring to the possible loss of a loved one. Which will create a great emptiness and an effect of insecurity that will invade the depths of the feeling of the dreamer. It is a way of the subconscious expressing that strength must be maintained despite pressing circumstances.

Dream that an athlete or sportsman suffers from anorexia

If in dreams you see an athlete whose condition deteriorates due to anorexia, struggling not to want to gain weight. Fighting to stay on top at the cost of everything. It is a direct reference to someone who dreams of feeling very depressed due to the loss of a job to which he aspired. It is the way of expressing that he had made an effort to apply, but the circumstances did not favor him, but it is time to react and look for another opportunity.

Positive interpretation of dreaming with anorexia

Although it may be thought that this type of dream could only indicate discouraging elements, on the contrary it refers to the trend of positive changes. The individual tends to change his perception of life, of everything that is happening around him and what he should do to move forward. 

When you dream of suffering from anorexia, this image can go hand in hand with the lack of confidence that an individual may feel about himself. But when he sees himself in dreams , he looks for a way to overcome that perception and get ahead at all costs. Therefore, a positive point is attributed towards overcoming and changes in self-esteem assessment.

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