Dreaming of apes can symbolize knowledge, ingenuity, friendship, social relationships, communication, and a sense of environment. Apes are a type of mammal that includes a number of specific animal species, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans . Since most of these specific ape species share common characteristics, we will cover each one of them in this article as most of them share common themes such as a dream symbol.

What does it mean to dream of monkeys?

Because apes are large animals, they can also sometimes symbolize strength , fear or danger or a great force under control if the ape is presented in a gentle manner. The type of ape you dream about can also give you an important clue as to what your dream means. Remember, apes are different from monkeys ; they are larger and do not have a tail.

Meaning of dreaming of an orangutan

Orangutan dreams are usually warnings . If an orangutan appears in your dream, it implies that others around you may be using your influence to further their own endeavors. This is a warning to be on the lookout for people who try to use you or your good reputation to further your successes and achievements.

It can also mean that if you are in a relationship the person you are with may not be faithful to you. It can also suggest that you will experience great sadness at the loss of this lover, partner, or special person in your life.

Meaning of dreaming of a chimpanzee

Dreaming of a chimpanzee can mean that you are thinking too much or that you are thinking too much about an event in your life. It can also mean that you lack patience in some aspect of your life and need to refrain from taking matters into your own hands that are not under your control.

Meaning of dreaming of a gorilla

If a gorilla appears in your dream you may find that you have been repressing your physical instincts and desires. It might be time to consider opening up and exploring this aspect of yourself. It can also mean that you are being too dominant or domineering in some area of ​​your life.

Meaning of dreaming of a gibbon

Dreaming of a gibbon often means that you have an important goal that you would like to achieve and that you have come to the full awareness that you have what it takes to achieve the desired goal. The gibbon is a symbol that it is time to reach out and grab what you want.

How to interpret a dream about gorillas and apes

It is often important to really think in the context of the dream. Ask yourself these questions: Where am I in the dream? Who am I with? How do I feel during sleep? Are there any other dream symbol meanings to consider? To get the real gist of ape dream meaning, you need to think carefully about what the animal was doing or any particular aspect that really seemed to stand out in the dream.

For example, if you are teaching ape sign language this may indicate that you feel you have a great deal of knowledge or skill in some area. This may mean that you think it is worth spending the time to teach this knowledge or skill to others.

On the other hand, if you see an ape savagely attacking someone or something it may indicate that you yourself are “going crazy” somewhere in your life. This is usually a wake-up call for you to work on your aggression and resolve these feelings in a more positive or mature way.

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