In the world of dreams, apples symbolize, like other sweet fruits, earthly pleasures, the pleasures of life, the desire for the forbidden, passion, but at the same time they also represent totality and the need to choose between one or the other option, that is, choosing between two paths, two options or two situations.

Dream of red apples

Dreaming of red apples symbolizes happiness in love, fullness in the sentimental relationship or in your love situation, either because you feel reciprocated or reciprocated or because you live a fiery and passionate story.

Red apples also symbolize hidden desires, forbidden or clandestine relationships, and the choice of pleasure over sacrifice or abstention.

Dream about green apples

If you dream of green apples, it means that you are choosing hastily and without taking the proper precautions, that you are letting yourself be carried away by an impulse or a strong but wrong desire and that prevents you from measuring the consequences that you could suffer later

Dream about yellow apples

Dreaming of yellow apples augurs happiness through your decisions or actions, good news that allows you to rest and forget suffering and problems.

Dream About Poisoned Apples

If you dream of apples that are poisoned, it means that you are living a relationship or a story that is very harmful to you, that behind the passion, desire and intensity of that relationship, shady, dark or even dangerous issues are hidden.

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Dream of rotten apples

If you dream of rotten apples or that they have worms, it is the omen of a deception, of a disappointment or a betrayal by someone very close and important to you, for example, that you discover that your special person is cheating on you with someone, who is not as you thought or that he is with you for some hidden interest.

dream of many apples

If you dream of many apples around you, it means that you are at a time in your life when you must make an important choice, you cannot continue without making that decision, therefore many doubts arise for you.

Dream of eating apples

To dream that you eat an apple or several apples means that you have chosen pleasure, that you bet on being happy in your own way, that you do not want to give up what makes you happy, what fills you with joy or what makes you vibrate.

  • If the taste of the apple is sweet,¬†it means that you are experiencing or are going to experience something very special and beautiful.
  • If the taste of the apple is bitter or acid¬†, it means that there will be certain difficulties in your choice, but you will be able to overcome them.

Dream about cooking apples

To dream that you cook apples or use apples in a cooking recipe means that you have a need to live an adventure, that you need to release a part of yourself whether it is emotional, sexual or personal.

Dream of cutting apples

If you dream that you cut one or several apples, it means that you are going to overcome the temptation that drives you to make a mistake or to put something important for you at risk, that you will be able to analyze that situation and make the most appropriate choice for you, even if it means give up something important

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Dream that they give you apples

If you dream that someone gives you one or more apples, it means that a person from your environment or someone who will come new to your life will test you or your senses by offering you something appetizing, interesting or fascinating.

This dream is usually the omen of a love or sexual adventure that supposes an emotional conflict for you.

Dream of apples on the tree

If you dream of apples on the tree it means that you are waiting for the right moment to act, to decide or to do something concrete. This dream reflects your patience, the patience you are having and that you have to put into play in order to achieve something very precious to you.

Dream of picking apples

If you dream that you collect apples, it means that you are going to have certain advantages in a specific situation in your life, that you are going to have special help which will allow you to outperform your opponents, to achieve a better result or to reach your goal sooner. 

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