What does it mean to dream about application

What does it mean to dream of application

Everyone needs cell phones at some point. We are in an era in which technology has become for many not only a necessity or a way to be connected, but also a means without which many could not live.

Applications and cell phones make life easier, and it is true that these applications are the ones we use daily for more than one task. That is why it may be the case that we find them even while we sleep, and we do not know what this dream means. Well, in this post you will know the possible meanings that you can give to dreaming about application.

dreaming with my mobile

With the times, dreaming of a mobile phone has become more and more common, and there are always people who have this dream and do not know what it means. If you have a cell phone that you don’t leave for anything and you are with it twenty-four hours a day, then the first thing you should know is that it could be an obsession.

Now, if you have other types of dreams, for example in which your phone is stolen, in which you use a calling app, someone you don’t know calls you or you receive a message from your crush, then you might need other predictions.

Dream about a calling app

Mobile calls are no longer the only way to stay connected; whatsapp, Skype and other types of applications have been placed in the forefront to connect with your friends and acquaintances.

If you dream that you open an application on your mobile to communicate with a friend or family member, it could mean that you need to talk to a close person about a problem or event that you want to get off your chest. It can be a painful or happy event, but that you need to communicate to someone.

If you dream that you are talking on video with a stranger, it could well be a person who will come into your life and who will be very important in it, for better or for worse.

Dream about an application that does not work

Mobile applications are a way to demonstrate usefulness within the realm of dreams. Applications are useful and that is why we download and use them.

If you dream of an application that does not open or does not work, then we will have a feeling of uselessness. At this time the sleeper feels that there is some area of ​​his life in which he is not performing , and he shows it by thinking of a broken telephone.

It should be noted that these dreams mainly affect people with a marked passion for technology.

Dream of inventing an application

If you have this dream, it is determined that the sleeper is an extremely creative person, and that he enjoys artistic or scientific demonstrations. Creation is his thing and inventiveness satisfies him. That is why if you dream that an application is created, you are thinking about carrying out new activities that allow you to carry out that creative energy . You can try to write a story, compose a song or actually invent something. You might be surprised.

This dream also depends on whether the application is used for good or evil, as this shows that the sleeper may be trying to help or harm the people around him.

dating apps

The applications to find a partner or to have a date in these times have been increasing, and more and more people are looking for these to find their better half.

If you find these apps in your dreams, we are talking about a sleeper who desperately needs or wants a partner , and being a person given to technology, he manifests it with a dream in which he manipulates an application. All this can be really useful, because if you have this dream you can be sure that it will not take too long before you find what you are looking for.

game apps

If you dream that you play on your mobile, it is a prediction that the dreamer urgently needs some free time, since his work or day-to-day activities keep him at a high and constant stress level .

Maybe it’s time to take a weekend to relax, take a little vacation or just have a coffee in a quiet and peaceful place. Of course: leave the cell phone at home .

Other types of applications

There are other types of applications to dream of besides technological ones. These are medicinal, aesthetic or some other types.

Dream about applying ointment

If in your dream they apply an ointment to you, it is most likely that within your psyche there are some things that you need to attend to, that is, some problems that require you to pay attention to them and that you solve them .

If in the dream another person applies the ointment to you, it means that you need the advice of someone with more experience and who can help you; if on the contrary, you apply it to yourself then it means that you are in the power to solve your own problems.

Dream that I am applying a cure

If you dream that you apply a cure or medicine, this predicts a stage in which you will become a good advisor to other people . It is time to think clearly, because if you do the right thing and give your advice with a cool mind, you will bring a benefit to those around you.

Dream about applying anesthesia

Dreaming that anesthesia is applied to someone means that you have gotten into a situation in which you have won the affection of someone you do not want , and you do not know how to act, which generates uncomfortable situations.

If you dream that you are being given anesthesia, this means that you are entering a sentimental stage with a person who does not belong to you , and you must decide what you have to do before getting into a problem.

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