If you have a dream about ashes, you may wonder what it means to see ashes in a dream. Learning to understand what this means when it appears in a dream or in another instance of life can give you a great deal of insight into the different things that may be going on.

Symbol and meaning of dreaming of ashes

When you dream of ashes, the first thing to pay attention to is the context in which you are seeing the ashes. For example, if you are seeing ashes from a campfire, this could be very different than seeing ashes where a house or other building once stood.

The object that was burned may also provide clues. For example, if you dreamed of a house burning down and all that was left was ashes, you would want to understand the different meanings of a house to know what it could symbolize in your life.

If you dream of ashes, it is also important to understand that although it may be upsetting or sad, it does not necessarily mean a bad omen. Learning about the different types of dreams can be very helpful for you to know if this dream is precognitive or just a release dream to help you process your thoughts and emotions from everyday life events.

Ashes and feeling of disappointment

Observing ashes in your dream could symbolize that you are feeling disappointed about some change or transformation that has taken place in your life. Perhaps it is a change that you did not want to happen or that you felt was caused by an outside force.

Feeling a loss of control or power

When we see ashes on the ground, we know that a powerful force like fire has occurred. Because of this, it is quite possible that a pile of ashes is a symbol that you feel as if you have lost control or power in a situation. You may have felt like you had no control and set out to do some kind of action that you really didn’t want to do. You may be contemplating too much about how your life was going, until the change and now you feel depressed and upset.

crying a loss

We often associate ashes with loss: the loss of a loved one , the loss of a pet, the loss of possessions, or even the loss of a part of ourselves. You may feel that the great times have passed and now you only have the memories of the old days.

being stuck in the past

Ashes are often symbolic of past events that may have occurred in our lives. This dream symbol often shows that you are focusing a lot on the past. It may be time to start considering the present moment and letting go of events that happened in the past. If you are dreaming of ashes, it often implies that you need to start looking into the future and stop concentrating so much on events that took place in the past.

The ashes show that it is time to move on from the changes that occurred in your life. Once you are able to move forward, you will soon be on your way to experiencing more peace and joy on a daily basis.

Cleaning up the ashes

If you are cleaning the ashes in your dream, this could represent that you really feel unhappy with various details of your life. You may feel that there is some aspect of your life that is cluttered and neglected. You may feel as if you are trapped. Cleaning in a dream often means that you want to improve a situation, but you are not sure how to make it better.

Dream of an ashtray

An ashtray is where cigarette and tobacco ashes are collected. An ashtray can be symbolic of the need to clean up or kick a bad habit you may have in your life. If you are not a smoker, it can be a representation of something that you do not like and that is present in your life.

Relate dream symbols to ashes:

In addition to the ashes symbols, you may want to see other related dream symbols. Looking for the different meanings of the different people and objects in your dreams can give you a greater insight and understanding of how this dream relates to your everyday life.

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