The attic is a common dream setting, and dreaming of an attic can mean a number of different things. Understanding this dream symbol can give you great insight into how you feel in the current situations in your life and what might be the best course of action to take.

What does it mean to dream of an attic?

A house in our dreams often represents ourselves or how we represent ourselves, and therefore the attic is an extension of this house. When you think about the attic being “above” and “higher” it can give you a great idea of ​​what this dream symbol could mean.

your spiritual development

Dreaming of an attic often provides clues about your connection to your “higher” self and your journey toward spiritual advancement. In particular, dreams in which you go up to the attic can mean a longing or desire for spiritual development. Do you walk up the stairs or up a ladder? Stairs or steps in a dream can mean that you are treading carefully, where a ladder can mean that you are excited to start this new advancement to tap into your spirituality.

If you dream of falling down the stairs or ladder of an attic, it can mean that you are experiencing unexpected setbacks in your spiritual development. Each person is on a unique spiritual path, and whatever your path is, don’t confuse it with the stereotypical view of religion you may have.

Spirituality is simply your conscious development and connection with the energy of this universe. If you are not a spiritual or religious person, think of this as expanding your consciousness or becoming more aware of the energy present in the world. You may be wanting to connect with a source of creative energy.

Your hidden talents or your past experiences:

When we think of the kinds of things to put in an attic, we generally keep things that are old and not needed in day-to-day activities. This dream can expose may be a great number of useful things that you have “hidden” in your own abilities and talents and memories that may be able to help you along with the challenges you are facing in life. This could possibly mean that you are in a scenario where you may indeed need to use your past experiences to overcome a challenge that you are facing.

Ignore and forget something:

Attics can sometimes be a source of many forgotten and abandoned treasures. These “treasures” in a dream are often memories and old feelings that we may have had at one point in our lives. Sometimes we ignore how we really feel, and this can bring the dream symbol of an attic.

Entering an attic by some means means that these memories or ignored thoughts and feelings are revealed. Only once you face these ignored feelings will you feel confident enough to achieve your ambitions and goals.

Dream about a messy attic

Dreaming of a messy attic in your dream could be a reflection of how you feel about your current thoughts and situation. You may feel overwhelmed with a lot of these forgotten emotions that you don’t know how to deal with, or you’re “stockpiling” a lot of ideas.

It could symbolize that you have to let go in order to move forward with a perspective that is the new life. Possibly, you need to let go of the past and release past feelings that are holding you back.

Other things to consider if you are dreaming of attics

It can be helpful to look at all the other symbols when learning to analyze dreams. Looking at all the different meanings of other objects, people, and events in your dream can give you further clues as to what this dream might be about. You may want to explore some additional dream symbols that are closely related. For example, when you dream of an attic, you can also investigate what it means to dream of a house.

These two elements are closely rDREAM ABOUT ATTICelated in the meaning of our dreams. You can also think about what architectural design can mean in dreams, especially if you are attracted to noticing the design details of the room or you are in a building or house where the focus is on the roof eaves.

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