Dream about awake / Daydream or Dreams of the day

The fact of Dreaming while awake is an abstraction of reality, one of the close people comes off and the real is something very diffuse, reality replaced by a fantasy.

Especially of happy and pleasant thoughts, hopes or….ideas, which are imagined to come true and are experienced when awake.

Long ago, daydreaming was considered a lazy pastime for people who lacked interest in life.

During the 1950s psychologists warned parents and teachers not to let their children daydream or else they would be trapped in some kind of neurotic or psychotic state of mind.

Today’s advanced studies have shown that daydreaming can be more beneficial and coincidentally enough, it helps stimulate the mind. It is said that the average human being daydreams about 50% of his life.

Positive aspects of daydreaming:

Daydreaming is said to be the key to unlocking hidden talents in us that we never thought possible. Now people who let their minds wonder should not be discouraged, but excited. Although there are two different types of daydreamers, the optimists and the pessimists. Here are the positive aspects of fantasies.

  • *The ability to solve problems faster
  • *Generation of new and improved ideas
  • *Helps eliminate useless bad thoughts that sometimes cloud our judgment
  • *Explore new heights not possible for human existence
  • *Live your own personal fantasy
  • *Improves children‘s language skills and their performance at school.
  • *Some of the best ideas come from us daydreaming. (eg man on the moon. Internet etc.)
  • *Helps your mind, body and soul
  • *Maintains good relationships and organizes their thoughts
  • *Increase the level of productivity in your life
  • * Focus to achieve your goals
Negative aspects in fantasy:

Too much of anything in life is considered a bad thing. Although the positive benefits of daydreaming outweigh the negative ones, there is still a fine line between a daydreamer and someone who lacks motivation.

People who are always pessimistic and think that negativity will dream negative thoughts awake.

By nature, this would keep the person in a downward spiral. The following list provides you with all the negative aspects of fantasy.

  • *Daydreaming has been caused by car accidents and burning your food on the stove.
  • *Spacing during important meetings or at school misses out on vital information
  • *Lose focus and forget important information
  • *Daydreaming is bad for people who suffer from constant negative thoughts
  • *Unable to get out of a bad depression
What does it mean to dream of snakes and vipers

Types of daydreaming:

When we daydream, tons of thoughts and images run through our mind at any moment.

Daydreams help us when we think positive but they also hurt us when we think negative thoughts.

Each waking dream has its own uniqueness and is personal to that person. Most fantasies are never told to other people, but are kept deep within the person.

Some dreams are so strange or embarrassing that people never tell other people they daydream.

Depending on the person and the mood it can influence the daydream.

Below we will show you all the different types of daydreams that humans experience and what they mean.

Catastrophe – These types of daydreams involve our downfall or natural disasters. Basically anything you can feel is the worst case scenario that can happen to you or others around you that you will think of in the “Dream of Catastrophe”. To cure this negative behavior you may want to meditate or think positive.

Victory – Victory dreams are fun and exciting. Although the reason we have it is because we want attention. There is nothing wrong with being noticed from time to time. If you’re not the kind of person who gets attention all the time, you’re more likely to have a fantasy of this nature. Learn to be more assertive and less shy.

Dream About Shooting (Shooting) and Weapons

Hide – Sometimes we “hide” in our fantasy and go to a deserted place or a fantasy island. The reason is to get away from the stress of life because it can become overwhelming at times. You may want to take a break and slow down.

Sex – Sexual fantasies are usually the most fun and exciting. You have the ability to put yourself in situations or feelings that we never thought possible…. Sex and love are usually the most common dreams. We get these dreams when we are not satisfied with our love life.

Revenge – When we daydream about revenge, we usually think of hurting or harming someone we don’t like. Revenge fantasies are not as bad as we think. If you are daydreaming about killing, you are releasing the angry energy that you hold inside. It’s like hitting a wrong punch or going to the shooting range.

How to day dream

Daydreaming is something new on the market and people are still testing the waters. Daydreaming like meditation has its own benefits that people are becoming more aware of…

Although people daydream without being fully aware, there is still a way to do it correctly to realize its full potential…

Once you have mastered the art of daydreaming you will see all the benefits it has to offer.

Take a look below to see the right way to get the most out of your daydream.

  • Step 1 – Drink a glass of water and practice your breathing techniques for 3-5 minutes.
  • Step 2 – Go to a place at work or home where you are less likely to be distracted. Get off your phone and computer.
  • Step 3 – Get comfortable. No matter where you are, just kick back and relax.
  • Step 4 – Listen to relaxing music. Sounds of a tropical jungle or classical music. At this time your mind should be empty and clear, no thoughts can enter.
  • Step 5 – Choose a scenario in your real life and apply it to your dream. Remember that no idea is too far-fetched, you can imagine whatever you want.
  • Step 6 – Let your mind flow like a river when you experience your waking dream.
dream quotes:
  • “Everything begins as someone who daydreams”…. -Larry Niven » -Steven Wright
  • “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare»…. -Japanese Proverb
  • People don’t come to church to preach, of course, but to daydream about God… -Kurt Vonnegut
  • » If I wasn’t a physicist, I’d probably be a musician. I often think about music. I live my dreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. I get more joy in life from music…”

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