Dream about baby poop

If when dreaming about baby poop, poop is our main focus in the dream, it is an auspicious dream, and the opposite of what many people usually think. In most of the times this type of dream is usually positive, where it augurs great successes. Although it can also portend negative things.

A dream with baby poop symbolizes money, profit, purity, quarrels, family and scandals. Its meaning will depend on the context of the dream, what happens or how the poop looks when we dream.

Dream about baby poop

If we see baby poop and we are not disgusted, it indicates that we will have financial gains. But seeing baby poop in the dream and feeling nauseous, portends money losses. Having a baby in your arms and seeing it poop is very positive, as it announces financial gains. If the baby smiles at us, even though it is full of poop, it is very good, because it shows that the family will be more united than ever. But if the baby looks at us and cries because he is dirty, then it portends fights in the family in the near future.

Seeing baby poop on the ground shows that problems will get more difficult as time goes on. Cleaning the poop of the crib indicates that we will fix the mess we have in our lives.

Muddy baby poop

If the poop smeared baby makes our clothes dirty and we clean them, it shows that we will be worried about our finances. In the end everything will work out very well.

Meaning of dreaming about baby poop in diaper

Having a baby sitting on our lap, and seeing that his diaper is full of poop, augurs business growth. Everything will turn out better than planned. If the baby we have sitting on our lap is a girl with her diaper full of poop, it predicts windfall profits. Seeing in the baby’s poop diaper that it is diarrhea, heralds great economic losses or bad business.

Dream about baby excrement

If a person who has children dreams of baby excrement, it indicates that in real life they are going through a moment of great loneliness and great emptiness. If the person who dreams of baby excrement does not have children, then it alerts us to financial mismanagement that will bring us great losses and debts.

Bathing a baby and seeing what is done on top

To be bathing a baby and it is just pooping, is a very positive dream, because it shows that we will be able to deal with all problems in an easy way. If we are bathing a baby that is dirty with poop, and the poop does not come out, it indicates that things will not be solved easily, but we have to keep working until we can solve the pending issues. If the baby was full of poop and someone else bathed it, it portends that we will have to face a difficult situation.

Cleaning a baby that was pooped

Cleaning a baby that has become poo indicates that we will have to work harder than we think to achieve our goals. Trying to change a diaper on a baby who has had a poop, and not finding anything to clean it, indicates that even if we work hard, we will not achieve our goals. Cleaning a baby girl’s butt, predicts that problems will be solved easily without inconvenience.

See newborn that was pooped

If the poop is from a newborn baby, it portends small profits. But if it is from a baby who is already crawling or walking, it shows that with each step we are taking we encounter some difficulty.

Dreaming of baby poop that gets our hands dirty

Having your hands dirty with baby poop alerts us to upcoming scandals. Having your hands full of baby droppings and washing them with soap signals that business, even if it’s a bit confusing now, will end up being successful.

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