dream about bare feet

Dreaming of being barefoot is generally associated with a bad streak in our lives, although this is not always the case, but unfortunately the vast majority of dreams that have to do with having bare feet are not entirely good, although there are some that are, everything will depend on where we are walking, it is not the same to walk through a flower garden or on crystal clear water than on mud.

Dream that walking barefoot

If we walk on the sand is one of the ugly dreams that I was talking about since it points towards uncertainty and at the same time about certain doubts.

It usually occurs when we don’t know exactly which way to point, when we have several options and we are afraid of making mistakes, we must be aware that making mistakes is part of life and if you don’t take risks you are already making mistakes.

Dream of walking barefoot on stones

The meaning of this is that we are making decisions too fast, we must first of all if it is a new project think about it seriously before getting fully into it, see all the possibilities and be very careful, it is always important to take the time necessary to analyze the things when it comes to important issues.

To dream that we are barefoot is a dream

This dream refers to fear, but we talk about fear in terms of an economic issue, to believe that we will not be able to advance or improve in this aspect and even get stuck in it and even fall lower.

We do not have to be afraid, we have to have the will and desire to progress, as long as you persevere and point in the right direction, nothing is going to stop you, but remember not to give up easily.

Walking barefoot in the middle of the night

It is a dream that is telling us that we are people who do not care too much about physical appearance, let us keep in mind that in terms of love or even work, the first thing that others see is how we dress and groom ourselves, he even says a lot of us

Don’t we care enough about looking good?┬áLess for doing his job, for example.

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