What does it mean to dream about bats?

What does it mean to dream of bats?

Dreaming of bats is scary, even disgusting for some people. And this is an animal that symbolizes darkness, bad news and conflict. So I am afraid that this dream shows the conflict with the people around you. Although not necessarily you will be involved. But it is the sign that there is a tense environment and lately you have not felt comfortable.

These situations have been generated or will be generated by sudden problems that arise. No one would want to be going through sad and uncomfortable moments like these. But if you dreamed of bats, it is because above all it is affecting you.

So depending on how you change your attitude you can improve these situations. But now we will present you the different situations with this dream that can have very varied meanings. Interpret your dream in the best way.

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  • Dream of bats that bite you
  • To dream that a bat BITES MY NECK
  • See bats and KILL THEM
  • Dream of WHITE bats
  • DEAD bat dream
  • Bat dream AT HOME
  • Dreaming of bats and rats
  • Dream EATING bats

Dream of bats that bite you

This is a sign that you feel harmless and insecure. From past experiences you believe that they can deceive you or make you suffer.

You must be relaxed because this negative attitude is what can cause you problems with the people you love the most. Not only your partner but it can also be your best friends or a family member that you appreciate very much. You must be aware that not all will be bad. So trust the people who love you the most, because the dream does not show a betrayal in itself.

To dream that a bat BITES MY NECK

Now we must take a good look at our friendships, since any of them will not be able to betray. Be careful who you tell your intimacies and secrets to, this will give that person some power over you. When he wants to betray you he will use it to hurt you.

See bats and KILL THEM

Show your bravery you have. You are becoming a person with a firmer character. And you are able to work out complicated relationships despite people’s ill wishes and teasing along with sudden problems.

Dream of WHITE bats

Be careful in interpreting this very rare dream. Because this shows your fear of losing someone important, especially the loss of a family member. Despite this, you should not fear, since this is what you feel, but it is not related to a prognosis.

It is the sign that you need to get closer to that person and be able to spend moments together as you have ever done. Although he is not going to leave you yet, you must value and take care of him.

DEAD bat dream

This your dream can be of one or several bats. And it symbolizes the evil that we are causing to the people with whom we have certain problems. We must be aware that we are to blame for this situation that has been generated with these people. Pride will not solve anything, so if you have to be the one to take the first step to solve it, you will have to act.

Bat dream AT HOME

You must be alert in case you have this dream because this symbolizes illness and death. There is someone who may suffer complications in their health. If you suspect someone because of their lifestyle or eating habits, you should alert them. Also be careful, this may be your case, that is, you may suffer from an illness.

Dreaming of bats and rats

If you had this dream, you must be very careful with your secrets. In this case it shows that you have some secrets that you cannot tell people, causing problems to the most important people around you due to misunderstandings.

If you have a secret that you consider keeping it out of shame, it’s time to solve it. It is worse to avoid it, because it is possibly something that has a solution.

Dream EATING bats

This dream symbolizes the lack of affection that we receive, due to problems that arose between relationships. You are the one who suffers the most from this situation and you sincerely want it to be resolved. It is a sign that you need to take your problems to someone else. Because if not, it will end up affecting your health.

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