Dream about beans

In general, dreaming of beans portends negative things, since they announce scarcity and poverty. These types of dreams usually do not bode well.

Beans in dreams also mean sadness, illness, wealth, hard work, difficulties and disappointments. Many times deep down we sense that things will get worse soon. Although sometimes, depending on what happens in the dream, its meaning can be good.

Dream of dried beans

It indicates that we will find out something that will disappoint us.

See beans in a bag in the dream

If they are in a bag and we put them in order, it means that our strength has run out and it scares us just thinking about the responsibilities we have.

Explanation of dreaming eating beans

It represents that we will fail in something that we have put a lot of effort into. It also predicts health problems of someone close. Eating a lot of beans and savoring them, predicts that we will overcome problems with ease. If another person eats beans, it portends that a person close to us will fail in their projects and will come to ask us for help.

What does it mean to dream of cooked beans?

It shows that there is a friend who is abusing our trust. If we cook the beans, it shows that we will have small problems, or it can also predict that we will earn a lot of money, but we will waste it all. If we see that someone is cooking or cooking beans, it means that our house will become hell.

Dream in which we see a bean plant grow

It indicates that we will be overcome by problems, but we should not give in to them. It also means that someone in the family will get sick and bring a lot of sadness.

When we dream of planting beans

It predicts that difficult times will come and we will have to stock up on essentials. If we start or harvest the beans that we plant, it is a good omen, it means that we will eliminate all the obstacles that exist in our lives. If we observe how they grow and bloom, it predicts that our wish will come true. Seeing someone else plant beans shows that a family member will do something reckless that will cause a lot of headache for the family.

Dream about beans on a plate

If they are bathed in sauce, it predicts that we will have a large family. If we see the beans in oil, it predicts the loss of a case we have been fighting for. When the beans are bathed in butter, it predicts bad luck in business and love relationships. Seeing the beans on the plate and they have no sauce shows that a family member will get sick.

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