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what it means to dream about being a monkey in the zoo

Today we are going to see what it means to dream of “being a monkey in the zoo” , because monkeys and zoos are two elements that usually appear together and quite frequently.

Dreaming that we are another person or another animal is quite common, since many times our mind tries to give us signals that being inside our own body in the dream would be impossible to decipher.


The fact of dreaming of a zoo itself is already very easy to interpret. Just analyze and think about how the animals are and what they are doing and you will be able to find it: it is a  total loss or lack of freedom . If you had to live in a zoo, how would you feel being in cages without being able to get out? I’m sure you wouldn’t like it… Well, neither do the animals.

In the book, 5005 Dreams , a very clear interpretation of dreams is made. It is a highly recommended read if what you are looking for is to know the meaning of many of your dreams. I advise you to buy it.

In fact, in this same fantasy in which we dream that we are a monkey inside the zoo, we will be caged and we will lack the freedom to do and go where we want. Even so, it could also be something related to a part of your personality that you hide or even that your life is totally out of control and you need a “cage” to stop and rest being controlled.

Without a doubt, these dreams refer to a closed space, and the positive or negative connotations will be determined by the context of our life, motivations, joys or sadness that we are going through.

Depending on whether in your life right now you feel bad because your freedom is leading you down the wrong path or if, on the contrary, you believe that they do not let you do what you want, you could give it one or another of the interpretations.


A monkey can be both a cheerful and funny animal as well as a false animal and that at the slightest carelessness it steals what you have to eat. The interpretation of dreaming about them goes hand in hand with both things, although we will have to start from the fact that we are locked in a cage.

To dream that we are a monkey could represent that we are happy and uninhibited , we laugh at ourselves and, in general, we accept the opinions of the rest and we feel comfortable with that lack of freedom that we have right now. We don’t need more and we are happy even if sometimes we feel a bit confined.

However , it could also represent that we have no personality, that we feel false or that we believe that we are cheating someone . If you have told someone a lie and you have a dream of this type, it could mean that this lie is eating you inside and you need to tell that person the truth to get out of the “cage” in which you are stuck.

Depending on the situation we are in, we can conclude that we are happy and happy inside the cage that is our life right now or, on the contrary, we feel false and the fact of being surrounded by lies can be making us feel less and less free to speak and express ourselves.

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