Being kidnapped in a dream can be a very frightening experience. Being kidnapped or kidnapped can be a very negative dream, the good news is that by learning what it means you can find ways to face your fears and make changes to stop and prevent kidnapping dreams from happening.

What it means to dream of being kidnapped

Kidnapping and abduction dreams can be very intense. If you dream of being a hostage, you may feel as if you are trapped in a situation with no way out. Depending on what other people appear in the dream, you may also feel feelings of betrayal or even anxiety after waking up.

Although it is very scary to have recurring nightmares, the good news is that it is very easy to stop and prevent nightmares once the underlying emotions and fears behind the nightmares are understood .

Kidnapping can mean you feel out of control

Kidnapping is the act of someone forcibly taking you against your will. If a kidnapper grabs you and runs away with you to a place you don’t want to go, you have very little control over the situation. There are many instances in life where we don’t always feel in control. Control issues are a key focus in many new relationships, especially among newlyweds in their first few years of marriage .

It can be difficult to learn to balance the needs of different people. Controlling other people is a very difficult thing to do, and at the same time we often willingly give up our power and control to others, only to regret doing so later. Here are some examples of situations that we can feel out of control in our lives:

  • Reckless and unpredictable behavior
  • Unable to save or manage money and finances
  • Feeling powerless at work or in a career role
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Parents trying to control their children

When we have no control over a situation, we often feel anxious and upset. We don’t know what will happen. We can’t even influence what can happen. This can be very stressful for many people. If the meaning of this dream resonates with you, you may also want to look at what it means to be trapped in a dream for additional insight on how to understand your dream.

Insecurity and vulnerability

Everyone has weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Nobody on the planet is perfect! There are always things about ourselves that we cannot control and that we wish did not exist. Even superheroes like Superman couldn’t stand up to kryptonite. While it’s natural for us to have different insecurities about ourselves, these fears can sometimes cause us problems in life if we don’t deal with them effectively. Our insecurities are often about things we feel judged by.

If you are self-conscious about your body or how you look, you may be worried about what others might think of you. You may be worried that others will think you’re ugly or overweight, for example. If you have been teased or bullied about a certain aspect of yourself recently, this can sometimes manifest in a kidnapping dream where you feel insecure and vulnerable about this certain characteristic.

Although it’s natural to want to change things about yourself that you don’t like, sometimes we don’t have any control over certain aspects of our lives. We cannot change our body just by wanting to, nor should we want to. Sometimes just being aware of something you don’t like about yourself can be a sign that it’s time you learn to accept it. All weaknesses can become strengths once you learn to accept your uniqueness and use it to your advantage.


Most of the time we feel quite safe in our surroundings. However, there are things that can happen that make us lose that sense of security. Maybe you lose your house to foreclosure, or maybe someone broke into your car and stole your wallet. Maybe you just got the news that someone with a criminal record for abuse has moved into her neighborhood. Someone could hack into your computer and steal your identity.

These are all examples of things that can make you feel less secure. It can be upsetting to realize that there is no way to completely protect yourself from things that are not in your control. The important thing is to remember that you can have a victim or a survivor mentality. Life is certainly challenging and difficult. Although there is no single way to protect yourself and stay safe, learning ways to cope with stressful situations and changes can make it easier to ride the waves of this storm of a ride.

Dreams and examples of common kidnappings

Many parents in the 1980s were suspicious of white Ford Econoline pickups after a young woman from a small town in Pennsylvania was kidnapped at a bus stop by someone driving one. These vans are still unfortunately called “hijacker vans.”

Now that we have seen the common general themes that could be part of why you dream about a kidnapper, let’s look at some specific examples of kidnapping dreams and how to interpret them.

Dream that you are kidnapped

These kinds of kidnapper dreams almost always mean that you feel out of control about something in your life. This may mean that you are out of control with your finances, engaging in reckless behavior, or even feeling like you cannot control the direction in which you go about setting and achieving your goals. Pay attention in the dream… after being attacked, were you able to escape from the kidnapper?

Dream that you are kidnapped and tortured

If you have dreamed of being kidnapped and tortured, this typically illustrates how much anguish and agony you experience over a situation that you cannot control. You may feel such an overwhelming sense of pain that it is difficult to cope with certain situations that have happened in your life. It is not uncommon for these types of dreams to appear after some kind of trauma, such as surviving an attack or losing a loved one.

If you have a lot of nightmares after experiencing a traumatic event, it can often be helpful to work with a professional to learn ways to cope and treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Being tortured or hurt by someone can sometimes mean that you don’t feel strong enough to fight for yourself. You may feel powerless or feel like someone is stronger, bigger, and more powerful than you.

Dream of a kidnapped child

If you dream of a kidnapped child or family member, this may mean that you are worried about the future of this child . You may be afraid that you are not doing enough for the child, or that you have too little control over the type of behavior the child is going to do. Often these dreams can draw attention to your own insecurities about being a parent. You may worry about being a horrible parent or even feeling judged by other parents in situations like work and day care.

Many mothers often dream of a daughter being kidnapped, because the pressure of raising a good daughter and being a good mother is something that women have struggled with through generation after generation. Many times your own mother may have had insecurities, which led to your own insecurities and now you are worried about the future of your own daughters.

If you don’t have any children of your own in real life, but still find yourself dreaming of someone stealing a child from you, it’s quite possible that the child in the dream is symbolic of some part of yourself that you fear or feel afraid of. insecure. Ask yourself: is there a part of yourself that you wish you could protect or keep safe from harm?

Dream of a kidnapped baby

Babies are small, naive and vulnerable, so it could be that in this case a baby is a symbol of their own weaknesses and insecurities. Babies are small and fragile, new beings in the world and they need protection and care to grow and stay healthy.

Sometimes this can mean that your own needs are being ignored or that you feel uncomfortable about something new in your life. You may feel insecure and helpless like a baby or a young child .

Another possible scenario if you see someone kidnapping a baby or dream that you are a kidnapper stealing a baby, is that you are currently struggling with your fertility and desire to have children. There are many different feelings that come up when trying to conceive. You may feel inadequate or like something is wrong with you for not being able to get pregnant. If you have had multiple miscarriages or given birth to a stillborn baby, you may feel that your child has been stolen from you.

Some women who decide to abort and their partners may occasionally dream of someone stealing their baby when they are faced with their own feelings and insecurities about the event, especially if it involves feelings of guilt, regret or inadequacy.

Dream that someone you know kidnaps you

Even in real-life crime statistics, it’s common for an attacker or kidnapper to be someone you know. More than 200,000 children in the United States each year are abducted by their parents in child abduction cases. This is a very early and alarming fact indeed. In your dream this may mean that you do not trust the person in real life. You may be worried that she is too controlling and demanding. This person may appear to have ulterior motives in their dealings and exchanges with you.

Sometimes these dreams can be symbolic of the dynamics of your relationship with the person. Is your partner, significant other, or lover too pushy, pushy, pushy, controlling, or controlling? Do you feel that you are not able to do anything right? Do you fear that your partner wants to hurt you? Do you have your safety, well-being and happiness in mind?

I’m sure you already know this, but if you watch scary movies, they can often appear in our dreams. Our brains absorb millions of images and photographs every day – and that’s a lot for our minds to process! Sometimes we may see something in a movie or on the news and then our brain will mix it with a different movie or news.

If you dream of a celebrity kidnapping , it is not a precognitive dream to predict the future. Most of the time it just means you need to take a break from watching too much TV or reading less news. If your dream eerily reminds you of a scene from a movie or TV show that you watched not too long ago, it may mean that it is time to focus on happier and more enjoyable things that help you feel safe and secure. There’s no shame in watching children‘s cartoons instead of horror movies, even if you’re an adult!

What it means to dream of a ransom note

Ransom tickets are demands from the kidnapper, typically asking for money in exchange for the person who was robbed not being harmed. In many old movies kidnappers used to write ransom notes. One of the distinctive features of these notes is that the hijacker would try to disguise his writing in some way.

They might use cut-out words and magazine letters or write the message so it’s not possible to trace who wrote it. When we dream of a ransom note it can be a sign that we feel that we are not good at negotiating. This is especially true if you work in careers where you often need to negotiate for yourself or your clients.

You may also feel that someone in your life is trying to bribe or extort you into doing something you don’t want to do. It may seem like this person is trying to manipulate you for their benefit.

Seeing a ransom note in your dream can be very helpful for you to identify your fears and insecurities. For example, if you notice that the letters are written in a certain color, you can use color symbolism to better understand what your fears may be.

Sometimes the items requested in a ransom note can give you clues about your own fears and insecurities.

If the lawsuit is for a large sum of money it may be a symbol that you feel out of control over your financial situation or that you feel you are not able to earn enough money for your needs.

If you see numbers in the dreamthese numbers can often have great meaning . For example, if your captor demands 4 million euros, the number 4 could be a clue that your fears are surrounding your own stability and safety in your home. You may have subconscious fears about your ability to provide for your family.

Dream that you kidnap someone

If you dream of being a kidnapper, it may mean that you unconsciously want more power or that you want to dominate someone. You may want to control another person’s behavior. These types of dreams are very common if you feel powerless in a situation.

In a way, the dream is an illusion where you can explore what it feels like to be in control. Obviously it is illegal to kidnap a person, so if you have a dream like this it is very important not to act on it.

Scary dreams are an opportunity to better understand yourself

Having scary dreams, they’re… well… scary! But just because something is scary doesn’t mean it can’t be useful or help us in some way. One benefit of these types of rare dreams is that they can give us the opportunity to better understand ourselves.

If you dream of a kidnapper robbing you and holding you hostage , you can try to think about what situations in your current life make you feel out of control or trapped. For example, let’s say you work at a job that you really don’t like. Your coworkers are rude and mean, and your boss constantly makes unrealistic demands.

You may hate work, but you may also really need to work because you need money for bills or even to save enough to move to a different city with better job opportunities. If you look at the dream in context with your real life situation, it can seem like a hopeless situation where you have very little control over the situation. While we can’t always make instant changes on demand, we can often find ways to help make difficult situations less stressful.

In this case, identifying job feelings as the cause of the dream can help address some of the work issues. Is there a way to gracefully handle those co-workers? Can you tell your boss no? Would you be able to work in other less stressful jobs that may not pay as much but would give you a much better situation in your daily life?

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